Mango Varieties sold by Canarius for Mediterranean and Subtropical Climates

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The mango tree, Mangifera indica, is an evergreen tropical tree tolerant of cooler conditions and short droughts. There are literally thousands of different types, called varieties or cultivars.

Canarius offers a selection of varieties better adapted to non tropical climates, grafted on a the hardy rootstock “Gomera-1″. You can buy young trees in the shop. Mango will effortlessly grow and fruit outdoors in warm Mediterranean Climates, such as coastal areas of Portugal, Spain, Italy and Greece. Adult plants resist short freezes at -4°C (25°F), but young trees are more sensitive. Mango is the third most important tropical crop in the Canary Islands, after banana and avocado.  

This is Mango Irwin, grown in Tenerife

Different varieties hide different flavours, fruit sizes and colours. Mangos may be dark green, greenish-yellow, yellow, red, orange or purple. By planting different varieties, the fruiting season can be extended up to four months. Low-growing varieties, such as ” Keitt ” can grow and fruit in large pots. The yellow Canarian mango “Gomera” is the most resistant to cold and frost and it fruits even in South France. “Lippens” fruits well in cooler conditions, so it is planted at higher elevations in the Canaries. “Osteen” is grown commercially in Mediterranean Southern Spain.

Grafting is the best way to reproduce the best varieties. The mangos sold at Canarius are all grafted and the rootstock is the hardy canarian mango “Gomera-1″, because it is resistant to drought and wet, cool soil in winter. Our mango trees are hardier to cold because we use this type of rootstock.

Fruits of Mango Gomera-3. Gomera is a hardy Canarian variety used as a rootstock. Mango trees grafted with gomera are less sensitive to cold and drought.

Canarius offers the varieties that are planted here in the Canary Islands, in our subtropical-mediterranean climate. We ship to your home the same grafted trees that are sold to local farmers , ready to go to the field: same plants, same size, same deep pots.

The plants you purchase are at least 2 years old, because the root trees are grown for 1,5 years before grafting. Then they are grafted and grown for at least six  moremonths. These plants will fruit in two or three years. They will bloom very soon but you will need to remove the inflorescence during the first two years, to allow stronger vegetative growth before fruiting.

Grafting Mangos in the Nursery

In our shop you can purchase a wide selection of mango trees of different varieties. All trees are grafted by hand, with specific cultivars. We ship to any countries in Europe.

Try also our delicious Mango jam with or without sugar, in the honeys & jams section, produced with the mangoes of the Canary Islands.

List of our stock of Mangifera indica
(Not all varieties are available at any time. Sometimes we only supply a few mango cultivars.)

  • Anderson
  • Ataulfo
  • Bill
  • Edward
  • These are the mango plants that we ship to your homeFord
  • Gomera (Hardy Mango)
  • Haden
  • Heidi
  • Irwin
  • Isis
  • Kensington
  • Keitt
  • Lily
  • Lippens
  • Manzanillo
  • Mun
  • Osteen
  • Palmer
  • Sensation
  • Tolbert
  • Tommy Atkins
  • Valencia Pride
  • Van Dyke
  • Zill

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Acai Goji

I was browsing Bing for exotic fruits when I came upon your webpage, I must say your website is very great I truely think the offer from your catalog is amazing! I’m in a bit of a rush at the moment to completely browse your webpage but I have saved the location of it and also subscribed for your RSS feeds. I will be back when I free up some time. Thanks for a awesome site.

Mohamed Ayyad

we need to plant mango .we need ealier varities ,with high production ,good color ,good tast ,disease tolerance .
we need to buy the planting material from credible nursery.we hope your help



I believe we ARE a credible nursery!

Please contact us at: and we can talk about wholesale pricing.


I was wondering if you ship to the US,California?


We will start to ship worlwide in early 2013. We will issue a specific phytosanitary certificate for each country.

Mr B

Please don’t forget to add Algeria for phytosanitary certificate , I am looking to grow mangoes and avocados

Edward Said

Your site is very informative and helpfull to beginers and to those who want to know more about plants and trees .


I was planning to try growing mango in my greenhouse (live in Denmark), and was wondering which sort you would recommend. I would prefer an early dwarf sort if possible and it should be as cold resistant as possible.

Furthermore, what would it cost (I don’t know the weight) in shipping to DK?


Mango Torbert is a dwarf early variety.

But probably the best you can try is Mango Keitt, because it has dwarf habit and it is a late variety. Late flowering means a better start in fruit formation during full summer.

For shipping cost calculation you can try placing the order and the website will calculate the costs for you, or ask to


Which sort would you recommend for planting on the coast of Croatia? Thank you!


Do you have Gomera-3 trees?

sakis giasaridis

Hello! place let me know if you have any mango variety that i can grow in the near costal area of northen Greece . winter temperatures here are over 0 celsius with few frosts that usually can go to -3 -4 . I am interested in commercial cultivation an i like to know your wholesale prices !thank you