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Succulent plants grown in the Canary Islands

succulent-plants-in-the-canary-islands Canarius | Monday November 7th, 2016 |

The so-called succulent plants include thousands of species located in arid zones around the planet. The Canary Islands are a clear example of the ideal place for these succulent species to grow, thanks to their unique climatic conditions: warm, arid, and windy environment.

The succulent plants or “fat plants” are water retention species, which are adapted to drought conditions. These plants store succum (juice, water) in their leaves, stems, or roots, and often show a thick and fleshy appearance.

The Weather in the Canary Islands



In the Canarian archipelago, there is a Mediterranean-subtropical climate. This means that during the coldest months of the year, the species take a “winter break”. Also, the sun and wind prevailing in the Islands help to keep under control and naturally the fungus or other diseases that could affect these plants.

Typically, the oceanic volcanic islands, arising from the bottom of the sea, are home to unique floras and faunas as a consequence of their development in small enclosures and areas isolated from direct contact with the continent.

In this sense, and at least as far as plants are concerned, in the Canary Islands, there are abundant cases of so-called adaptive radiation or insular differentiation, with flourishing endemic species.

The vegetal landscape of the low zone of the Canary Islands is characterised by the abundant presence of succulent and semi-succulent plants, dominating within them the species of the genus Euphorbia, that come to give a name to the main communities of vegetables. Plants of this type of vegetation have developed strategies to support the arid and semi-desert climate of these areas.

The origin of most of the species that we can find here is North African and to a lesser extent Mediterranean, among the most common succulent plants belonging to the Euphorbiaceae (Euphorbia), Asclepiadoideae (Ceropegia, Caralluma), Crassulaceae (Aeonium, Monanthes), and Asteraceae (Kleinia) families.

Succulent plants in the Canary Islands are grown mainly outdoors and in full sun. Most of these plants are exported to continental Europe; others end up in the most famous natural parks of the Islands.

In our online store of succulent plants, you can find the most outstanding species of this family. Canarius offers a selection of succulent plants endorsed by the highest quality since they have been grown outdoors and under the full sun of the Canary Islands.

New Sections and Selections in the Plant Shop, in January 2013

Canarius | Thursday December 27th, 2012 |

We just uploaded many new products and lots of pictures.  Even more will follow in the next future, before Spring.  We had to create some new sections in the store, in order to accomodate the new species.

Disocactus ackermannii

Sansevieria ehrenbergii

There are two new “Sections” for Epiphytic Cacti and Sansevierias. They will grow much larger in the next months.

Plumeria - Seedlings of Kahei Nani  - Pack of 2 Plants   Plumeria - Seedlings of Kahei Nani  - Pack of 2 Plants

Epiphytic Cacti – NEW !   Sansevieria – NEW !

We also created five “Selections” of Cold-hardy Plants, Unusual Plants and Indoor Plants. There you will find species of all types, picked from other sections because of their features.

Plumeria - Seedlings of Kahei Nani  - Pack of 2 Plants  Plumeria - Seedlings of Kahei Nani  - Pack of 2 Plants  Plumeria - Seedlings of Kahei Nani  - Pack of 2 Plants


Plumeria - Seedlings of Kahei Nani  - Pack of 2 Plants Plumeria - Seedlings of Kahei Nani  - Pack of 2 Plants


In the next few months before Spring we will add many more plants, so these new sections and selections will grow a lot larger. You will also find a whole new section of aquatic plants for ponds, including many Nymphaea and Lotus.

A Variegated Neoregelia

A video of Cactus pictures taken in the Canary Islands

Canarius | Thursday April 29th, 2010 |

This videos shows lots of pictures of Cacti (Cactaceae) and Succulents taken in the Canary Islands.

These are abundant species commonly seen in tourist areas and on the hills:

  • Wild Opuntia species
  • Large Echinocactus grusoni and Pachycereus
  • Different Opuntia species in the wild
  • Different Euphorbia species
  • Different Agave species
  • Aeonium
  • Dracaena draco
  • Aloe vera

Jardín de Cactus en Lanzarote

Canarius | Wednesday February 10th, 2010 |

Jardín de Cactus en Lanzarote

Der Jardin de Cactus ist nach Plänen von Cesar Manrique angelegt worden. Er wurde 1990 eröffnet und ist Manriques letztes größeres
Projekt gewesen. 1420 verschiedene Arten sind hier im weiten Kessel eines ehemaligen Steinbruchs am Fuß einer restaurierten Gofiomühle
versammelt. Schwarze Lavasteinchen und hohe Steinsäulen verstärken noch das seltsame Ambiente. Man kommt sich wie in einer anderen Weltvor.