Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q)

This is a bit of information about how to use our website. Contact us if you have any questions. We can reply in English, Spanish, Italian and French.
  1. Browse the website and fill your cart
    Browse our catalogue with about 600 different products! At any point, you can start to fill your shopping cart, without logging-in. Pick some products and reach the minimum order amount.
  2. Register / Log in
    If you wish to register, use the register form or just start placing an order. Once you have filled the Shopping Cart, just start the Check Out Process. The system will ask you to log in or register in order to check out your shopping cart.  Once you send your data, you will be registered —it does not matter if you really place the order or not—.
  3. Choose shipping costs
    Shipping charges are automatically calculated by the website. You can choose among different shipping rates. Our postal service is expensive, but it works smoothly, so we often suggest to chose the cheapest option. Read all about Shipping and Shipping Costs.
  4. PaymentThere are various ways to pay at CANARIUS.
  5. Packing, shipping and receiving your order
    We will ship your parcel in about 7-16 days, since we receive your payment. This time includes the processing of your order: selection of plants, phytosanitary inspection, preparation of documents and shipping . Once your order is confirmed, we prepare and pack the items you ordered. They are collected, checked, cleaned and carefully labelled. We prepare the corresponding documents for shipping to your country, including a free phytosanitary certificate for all plants. The day after we ship, we will contact you and will send you the tracking number, so you will be able to track your shipment in the website  If anything goes wrong, contact us and we will quickly reply back.

On each product page you will find many information and also some pictograms. Those icons describe different features for each plant such as botanical family, how much light it needs or the geographical origin of that species. You can find a complete list with all the features.

We have prepared some pictures and info about how we prepare everything before wrapping and packing. You can also see how we pack your parcel depending on the plant. If you have any doubt, ask us

If living plants are received, they need to be unpacked promptly, put upright and exposed to light. Read what to do when you get a shipment of plants.

We ship worldwide. Since we are located in an island, all the shipments are done by airmail. Therefore, it takes only a few days to arrive. We offer diferent speed and costs combinations, they are available depending on your location and the items you are buying, our system calculates it automatically. You can find here a general list of shipping costs classified by area.

Heavy products make shipping more expensive. Choose the lighter products if you want to reduce shipping costs.

  • Bare root plants are very light and will give very cheap shipping costs: most succulent plants are offered bare-rooted. Bromeliads and Agaves are sent as pups. For example, a Bromeliad pup or a bare root Agave is 150-400 grams, a 12 cm pot palm or cycad weights about 1,1 kg, a 20 cm pot palm or cycad is about 4kg. 
  • Our larger fruit trees weight about 3 kg. In the future we will use lighter substrates and smaller pots for an easier and cheaper shipment

You will receive your purchase in about 7-25 days, but this is because we need 6-15 days to prepare and ship your order with all the needed documents and quality control. Our postal service is fast. Any mail from the Canaries travels as airmail, so the box often travels during just 3-7 days and avoids any cold or heat blows. Packets usually take just 3-5 days to reach the main cities of the world, and up to 12 days to reach the provinces. Depending on the different countries, out of Europe, it will take a few more days to go through the customs if the parcel is inspected.

Please contact us to know more.

In compliance with the applicable regulations, the customer can exercise the right of withdrawal of the purchase made within 14 working days. In this case, the cost of returning the goods shall be borne by the purchaser. To make a return you only have to access your account and under "Order Details" select the product to be returned stating the reason. You can also contact us by any of our contact channels. The returned goods must be sent in original conditions, unused, properly packaged by prepaid postage to Anaga Market S.L.:

Anaga Market S.L.
Callejón del Adelantado, 1 - 6D
Santa Cruz de Tenerife, SPAIN.

Please read our terms for more information about returning, cancelling or changing an order.

This information is merely intended to be of a general nature and is provided solely for the interest of the reader. It should not be used as a substitute for the general terms and conditions of this website.

Important Notice-Due to our long experience as exporters and importers, we inform you that all orders arriving after 16 November 2023 will be shipped after the second week of January 2024, to avoid any possible loss or delay in delivery due to excessive Christmas parcel traffic