Who we are?

This is a bit of information about us. Contact us if you have any question. We can reply in English, Spanish, Italian and French.

CANARIUS is a web-based shop kept by our company, named Anaga Market SL. We are located in the Canary Islands, on the island of Tenerife. We select the quality products of the island. We clean and pack them for you, ensuring a safe and quick shipping.

All our products are locally produced: 100% of the products in the shop are made in Tenerife. We do not import and re-sell. Our stocks are kept to minimum and products are quickly transferred from the producers' hands to your home, therefore our plants are always healthy. In early 2013 we started shipping orders worldwide, from a small island to the whole planet.

We are always on the lookout for new plants and we will surely surprise you in the next future with hundreds of new species. We keep a dynamic supply chain, so we continuosly check the stock and tell to growers about the needs of our customers. Most plants are reproduced while demand increases. Growers try to fit the needs of mail shipping while increasing quality for the global market: thicker rhizomes, larger bulbs, well-rooted bromeliads, etc.

We pay personal attention to our customers in different languages and keep a tight tracking on orders. We regularly reply to your emails, in English, Spanish, Italian and French. We DO speak these languages and also a bit of German. Orders are processed once payment is received. Our postal service is fast. Any mail from the Canaries travels as airmail, so the parcel avoids any cold or heat blows. Read more about shipping to your country.

We are environmentally friendly. We transport items for very short distances. We are located close to post office and the phytosanitary inspection centre. We collect items throughout the island by reducing the kms of van transportation. Our packing centre uses no electricity at all. We use as much recycled packing material as possible and then we recycle ALL the debris. Some of the nurseries are fully organic and some are also energetically self-sufficient.

All our orders are inspected by the government, for plant health. We apply for a specific phytosanitary certificate for each order with plants. All the plants we ship are meticulously cleaned, washed, combed, checked, one by one, over and over again. Then, they go on the van and we go to the queue until they are inspected by the public officers. Each plant species of each order is also declared on the DUA-SAD custom documents. CITES permits are obtained if a species is protected. All this has no commissions for us. Ask on the internet who else does this free of charge!

Our plants

The landscape in our area: two Mango trees in the Southern Anaga mountains.The landscape in our area: two Mango trees in the Southern Anaga mountains. We specialize in exotic plants and cuttings, seldom offered in mainstream garden stores. The shop offers natural species, as well as rare hybrids. You will find young specimens or older special plants belonging to different families.

Our plants are grown from cultivated stock, never collected in habitat. They are chiefly grown in shade houses, in different areas of Tenerife, where the use of chemicals is kept to a minimum. Some of the nurseries are fully organic and some are energetically self-sufficient. We enjoy an even subtropical climate, with a cool winter, but our nurseries are not heated in order to produce strong hardy plants that can be grown in cooler climates. The only exception are some heated areas for seed sprouting and rooting. Our plants are free from pests and diseases. Endangered CITES species are fully legal as they are sold with all the necessary paperwork included. Read more about Our Plants or have a look to the exact pictures of the plants that we ship.

Learn more about Canarius. Visit our blog to find abundant information about us and your favourite Canarian products. Read here "How to place an order". Feel free to Contact Us for more information and tell us what do you think about Canarius.

Each month, we are visited by thousands of people. Products will change quite often. Some are available in very small quantities, so if an item interests you, be quick —someone else might get there first.