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The botanical family Araceae, is popularly called Aroids and includes about 3750 species. It abounds in the tropics and holds the most spectacular diversity of leaf shapes and textures. The large genera Philodendron and Anthurium are symbols of the American rainforests and they are widely cultivated as house plants. Smaller genera Monstera, Rhaphidophora and Thaumatophyllum are similar in cultivation. Some are truly exotic, with velvety leaves and bright veins, so collectors can build up a tropical forest in their apartments.

The genus Alocasia builds huge leaves, often called elephant-ears and make bold garden centerpieces. Colocasia esculenta is an important food crop, known as taro. It was domesticated in Asia and the Pacific and comes in many cultivars.

Some genera are not evergreen and rest for months (mostly in winter) as underground corms. This is the case of Amorphophallus, a genus also known for its large, unusual and often stinky flowers.
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