How we pack your parcel

These are some details about the way we pack safely your parcels and some pictures of our packing system.

Parcels ready to be shipped

Boxes ready to be shipped.

Wrapped cycadsWrapped mango trees

Cycads and mango trees wrapped in paper. A similar individual wrap is also done for
palms, fruit trees and other potted specimens.


Packing Bromeliads

Bromeliads and succulents are wrapped in paper too.

Wrapped crassulas

Some fragile plants will be wrapped individually in this way. Not always - it depends on each case.

Taped Bottom of the box

Tall plants with heavy pots or rootballs will be secured to the bottom of the box.
Old newspapers are used whenever it is possible

Writing invoice for mail order

All documents are patiently added to the parcel: invoice and all type of certificates or declarations
needed for worldwide shipping.

What do we exactly ship?

This is an overview of what we ship to your home. This images are for reference only, but they show the look of the items, so you can expect what you will receive. Little by little, we will add more pictures to this page. If you want to see more than this about our plants, then visit our blog.

Plants in general

Due to restrictions in the EU, we are not shipping soil, so "soil" is now a mix of peat, coconut fibre, cinder, perlite and other materials that ensure a healthy pest-free plant and also a lighter weight for the shipment.

  • Palms

    Palms ready to pack in Canarius
    Some of our Palms in the shadehouse. Palms are always shipped with pots and substrate. 
  • Cycads

    Buy an EncephalartosWrapped cycads
    Cycads will be shipped in their tall pots. Only the largest specimens or the ones with a naturally
    weak root-system, will be bare-rooted and wrapped in moist sphagnum or perlite. 
    Lepidozamia large
    For example, these lepidozamias will be bare-rooted because pots are too
    heavy and we know they can stand bare-rooting.

    Visit the cycad section in our blog and learn why our cycads have an excellent quality.
  • Bromeliads

    Packing Bromeliads Aechmea nudicaulis pups for shipping Aechmea pectinata pups

    Bromeliads will be shipped as cuttings, or "pups". Some will already have roots. Some will not, but they will root easily if potted and kept at temperatures of 15-26 C. If temperatures are not matched, they will be able to wait for months until spring comes, because they can live on the water gathered in the tank. Most pups will reach flowering size in one year but the largest species need more time.
    • Large species give large pups: We select and ship to your home cuttings of 35-50 cm for large bromeliads such as Aechmea blanchetiana. Their weight is 300-600 grams. Pups of large species will often lack roots.
    • Small species give small pups. Species like Neoregelia maculata, Aechmea gamosepala or Billbergia elegans can measure 18-30 cm and weight just 120-200 grams. Pups of small species will often have roots.
  • Heliconias

    Heliconia Rhizomes Wrapped Heliconias

    Heliconias are sold as rhizomes with two "eyes" (active growing points). Some will have roots or leaves, some will not. There will be some variation according to the time of the year, because growth is seasonal. Rhizomes are individually wrapped in moist perlite or sphagnum. Most heliconias will quickly root at temperatures of 16-30 C.
  • Fruit trees

    • "Large" sized trees are sold in 30x14 cm tall pots, plant height can be anything between 30 and 70 cm, depending on season, height of grafting point, etc. Sometimes the trees are too tall to fit in the box - we prefer to keep total height of the box below 90 cm. Longer tips will be bent in the box or cut off, according to our experience.
    • "Small" sized fruit trees are sold in 12 to 16 cm pots. Plant height can be anything between 15 and 50 cm, depending on season, height of grafting point, etc.
    • "Other" fruit trees are sold in other sizes. Papayas are grown in small pots, bananas can be shipped both in pots or bare-rooted, pitahaya dragon fruits are shipped bare-rooted, etc. Read below and see some pictures.
      Guanabana trees Buy acerola trees Buy star fruit trees
      Large sized Soursop-Guanábana (Annona muricata), Acerola (Malpighia glabra) and Star Fruit (Averrhoa carambola)
      Buy potted Mango trees More mango trees for the shop
      Large sized grafted Mango trees in the 30 cm tall pots.  

      In some cases, or by customer request, trees and shrubs can be shipped  can come bare-rooted, packed in sphagnum

      Small papaya plants for sale Papaya seedlings in the shop
      Small-sized papayas have an unpredictable size, because they grow fast in the nursery.
      Hylocereus purpusii H. undatus
      Dragon fruits or Pitayas are shipped as rooted cuttings. (Hylocereus purpusii and H.undatus)

      Bananas can be shipped both in pots or bare-rooted. We usually ship rooted suckers collected from adult plants. Most banana suckers will quickly set new roots at temperatures of 20-30 C.
      Sugar Cane Cuttings

      Sugar Canes are sold as cuttings, usually packs of two. They will grow very fast if planted at 20-30 C.
    • Succulents

      Most succulents are shipped with no soil: bare-rooted or as rootless cuttings. Sizes are specified in the catalog. Container size is merely indicative, because pots and soil are removed.
      Sanseveria pinguicola A bare rooted Aloe microstigma
      Aloe microstigma and Sansevieria pinguicola, bare-rooted for packing
      Agave Shoji Rajin 
      Agave Shoji-Rajin
      Aloe cuttings for sale Aloe morijensis
      Cuttings of Aloe morijensis and other species.
      Sedum burrito Small crassulas

      We try to avoid shipping pots and substrates, but if roots are too thick or substrate is very light, some succulents might be shipped with pots and substrate, like these CrassulaFenestraria and Haworthia.


If you liked this overview and you want to see more about our plants, you will se many more in our blog. You can also contact us.

Important Notice-Due to our long experience as exporters and importers, we inform you that all orders arriving after 7 November 2022 will be shipped after the second week of January 2023, to avoid any possible loss or delay in delivery due to excessive Christmas parcel traffic