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Did you know the medicinal uses of Alpinia nutans?

Canarius | Thursday June 11th, 2015 |

false-cardamon-alpinia-nutans The truth is that from Canarius, we love plants due to a great variety of reasons. Although one of the most important of them is their use, as medicine. In this case, we are going to talk about a species that is used medicinally: Alpinia nutans. The wrong called Amomum cardamomun or Cardamon, whose origin is Southeast Asian, belongs to Ginger family. Alpinia nutans is a cool-growing species of Alpinia which has several medicinal uses: to control hypertension, as a diuretic, antifungal or antiulcer. In countries such as Japan, this plant is used as food preservative. Alpinia nutans also helps to relieve headache or flu. Likewise, in some places (Brazil), its essential oil is used to control hypertension or heart diseases. Moreover, the plant is considered as an important stomach protector too.

alpinia-nutans-(1) Concerning its characteristics, Alpinia nutans is possibly the frost-hardiest in the genus. It is similar to Alpinia zerumbet, but shorter in stature with wavier leaf margins. Flowers are equally beautiful! It usually takes a few years before flowering and then it does it regularly. Our rhizomes are uprooted from adult, blooming, mother plants. Anyway, on Canarius we count on a great number of flowering plants in the family Zingiberaceae, the well-known Ginger family: Alpinia purpurata or Alpinia zerumbet Variegata, among others. Take a look on our plants online store and buy whatever you need (or you want). We sell strong, field-grown, rhizomes with at least two “eyes” (active growing points). Some will have roots or leaves, some will not. There will be some variation according to the time of the year, because growth is seasonal. Rhizomes are individually wrapped in moist perlite or sphagnum. Turn into a healthy person and buy your Alpinia nutans right now. You can discover a world without pills and full of natural feelings. However, you must be fast, because you’ve already got the last one…