An uncommon Archontophoenix species from Northern Australia

Canarius | Friday October 9th, 2015 |

archontophoenix-tuckeriArchontophoenix tuckeri, known as Rocky River palm or Cape York palm, is native to Northern Australia. Even though this palm species is native to a tropical area, A. tuckeri can sometimes stand light frosts. In this sense, we can affirm that it is suited to coastal Mediterranean condition.

There is a beautiful adult specimen in Sicily, Italy, that took 13 years from seed to start flowering.

This palm tree grows better in fertile soils regularly and abundantly irrigated during the warmest months. It can be kept at a minumum winter temperature of 0ºC to 10ºC. Archontophoenix tuckeri has a slender solitary stem up to 20 metres tall, of about 25 cm of diameter.

Likewise, the leaves are pinnate (up to about 3 m long) and silver underneath, somewhat pendulous or drooping. Although the new leaves are often in tones of pink, red or bronze. This hard-to-find palm is especially beautiful when it is blooming or when it is loaded with red fruits. Flowers of A. tuckeri are cream-white and have 13-19 stamens.

Fruit are red or brick-red at maturity, about 2 cm long. In our online shop, Canarius, we offer young plants of Archontophoenix tuckeri, sown in 2013, ready for your green space. Furthermore, we should take into account that these young specimens may be used for the decoration of brigh indoor spaces.

Get right now from Canarius a potted Archontophoenix tuckeri sown in 2013. Remember that we ship to anywhere (from the Canary Islands to the world).

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