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Here you will find some exotic flower and foliage species that have not been yet placed in their own category. Some are small herbaceous plants, while some are large trees. You will find acalyphas, cordylines, hoyas, pandanus, plumerias and others, including uncommon plants. Day by day we will add more and more interesting items.

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  • This caudex ant-plant is an epiphytic plant that develop a huge chambered stem, providing shelter for some species of ants.In turn, these ant-plants, or myrmecophytes, receive nutrients and protection from the ants. The caudex of Hydnophytum moseleyanum can get quite large, up to 20-40 cm in diameter, and the bark is grey and smooth (much like the one of...

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  • This deciduous species is grown as an ornamental in different areas of Mexico. Nevertheless it is scarce in the wild, as it is found in small and scattered populations in dry areas of C-SE Mexico.

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  • If it is named "imperialis", then there must be a reason! It is the largest species in the genus, with wide leaves and large flowers.

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  • It is an endangered shrub of unrivalled beauty, with glossy leaves and large white "orchid-like" flowers splashed with red, 5-6 cm across. Keep it between 10 and 25 C for optimal growth. It is a fleshy-stemmed, much-branched, perennial plant growing to 1.5 m, with bright green leaves. It usually flowers in winter and early spring. It is not cold-hardy,...

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  • This is one of the most useful veggies to keep at hand. It It will thrive almost anywhere and will produce tasty and healthy food throughout the warmer months, with an exotic ornamental accent. Flowers are pink, with a purple throat, abundantly produced by well-fed plants.

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  • Chartreuse-leaved selection of the common sweet potato. This is a fabulous ornamental, used as a ground cover in Mediterranean to Tropical climate. Leaves are truly different, because of their yellowish, healthy colour. It is evergreen and can stand a reasonable amount of neglect.

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  • Flowering shrub from many areas of tropical America, especially in coastal areas. Stems are hollow, leaves are elongated, hearth-shaped and a bit greyish.

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  • Groundcover ornamental plant, with bilobed glossy leaves and deep pink trumpet-shaped flowers produced continuously through the warm weather. This plant is typically seen growing on sand in many tropical beaches of the whole planet. Of course it needs full sun and sandy or draining soil. It is very easy to grow but it does not like cold and only takes...

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  • This popular flowering perennial is called in English fringed iris or crested iris. It usually has blue flowers with blue and orange marings, but this is a less common blue form, with magnificent throats speckled in blue, white, yellow and orange. It is a perfect choice for those shady spots of the garden where little else would flower.

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  • Hard to find ornamental shrub to small tree from the Caribbean islands. It has glossy, symmetrical evergreen foliage and abundant white flowers. It is easy to grow and takes hard conditions. It grows well in pots.

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  • Ornamental shrub to small tree with heart-shaped leaves and showy hibiscus-like flowers. In this cultivar 'Rubrum' new flushes of leaves keep a beautiful dull red colour for months. It is a tipically coastal shrub, suitable to low elevations in Warm Mediterranean to Tropical Conditions.

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  • Subtropical yellow jasmine from SE Asia.

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  • This species from China and Burma is a prolific bloomer from mid-late winter to early-mid summer. It makes a thck layer of deep green leaves, and it is suitable for fences and pergolas.

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  • Shrubby jasmine with magnificently white and fragrant flowers. Pick them at home and use them to make your own jasmine tea. It blooms almost throughout the year, as long as the weather is warm enough. It is perfect in pots because it will stay small and flower since an early age.

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  • Jensenobotrya lossowiana is one of the most exciting plants on Earth because it is restricted to one small location on the skeleton coast of Namibia, which is one of the most extraterrestrial place on our planet! It is found on small cliffs, virtually rainless, surrounded by neverending sand dunes in most directions. 

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  • This virtually everblooming mesemb is an excellent ground cover, with glaucous leaves and showy, large, copper-coloured flowers. We offer two large sized cuttings.

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  • Evergreen shrub native to Central America with exotic orange flowers.

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  • Blue Pfitzer Juniper is an outstanding ornamental shrub. It is a dwarf plant and it can be pruned as a ground cover. If left unpruned it will become a small tree, up to two meters tall with an architectural shape. It is densely branched and growth is squat, almost horizontal. It is an old hybrid obtained by crossing Juniperus chinensis with Juniperus sabina.

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  • A most elegant subtropical shrub, with soft woody stems and large, wide, deep-green leaves. Then it bears some supreme bright yellow inflorescences which are very long lasting. Justicia aurea is fast growing and it is great in bright shade to create a quick tropicalesque effect. It is better pruned back after blooming, otherwise it becomes leggy and old.

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