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Here you will find some exotic flower and foliage species that have not been yet placed in their own category. Some are small herbaceous plants, while some are large trees. You will find acalyphas, cordylines, hoyas, pandanus, plumerias and others, including uncommon plants. Day by day we will add more and more interesting items.

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  • Here we offer a larger plant of this Black Crinum. Spectacular architectural plant with purple-black leaves. The large crown can grow up to 1,8 m (5 ft) tall, with sword-like leaves of unbelievable colour. Developing inflorescences look like black swans as they

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  • Classic graden hybrid which is very robust an almost ever-blooming. Glossy white and pink flowers are produced in erect umbels. It is reproduced by carefully removing pups from the base. We offer a large rooted pup that can bloom in less than one year.

    30,00 €
  • Dwarf "black" crinum with dark red leaves and showy pink flowers. It looks just like a miniature of the much larger Crinum procerum splendens. It is possibly a hybrid of that black Crinum and the dwarf Caribbean species Crinum oliganthum. Quite new in the Market!

    24,60 €
  • This Crinum is an old, classic hybrid which is a re-bloomer (it blooms at least twice a year). Umbels hold about 10 large pink flowers. It is resistant to mild frosts.

    32,00 €
  • This Crinum is an old, classic hybrid which is a re-bloomer (it blooms at least twice a year). Umbels hold about 10 large pink flowers. It is resistant to mild frosts.

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  • Hard to find shrub native to the Dominican Republic. It bears lots of outstanding, scented, cream-coloured trumpets. Leaves are glossy. It resists to harsh conditions.  

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  • This easy to grow aquatic is known by everybody as the Egyptian papyrus. It does better when partly submerged and it grows anywhere from the Mediterranean to the tropics.

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  •  This nice Cyrtanhus  is one of the easiest to grow, while it is still far from being common in cultivation. It is native to moist grassland or rocky streambanks in the Eastern Cape and KwaZulu-Natal and takes short, light frosts. It can bloom once or twice a year, in the warmer months.

    12,60 €
  • This South African bulb is native to the Cape region, It is the most striking members of the genus, with abundant umbels of large scarlet flowers occuring from late summer to fall. It grows very well in coastal Mediterranean climates. Also the leaves are beautiful, large and dark green, arranged in two ranks, evergreen. It grows well in pots and makes...

    14,00 €
  • Bulb, 2-3 cm diameter. This is one of the hard-to-find species of Cyrtanthus. It is a cliff-dwelling plant only known from a few localities in the Cape region of South Africa. Our old mother plants were originally grown from habitat-collected seeds.

    34,30 €
  • Oh-oh! This is a truly well-done cross of two elegant and evergreeen wild South African species: One is the coral-red, freely blooming C.elatus, and the other is the more elusive C.obliquus with hanging blooms and a bold habit. All the best was inherited and now we have this good garden or pot subject.

    15,50 €
  • Pale green leaves open up in tufts of fluffy fibres. A robust Dasylirion from high altitude desert regions in central Mexico that develops a short trunk, often holding multiple crowns of pale green leaves with frayed leaf tips. Native to dry areas of Oaxaca and Puebla, in Mexico.

    23,00 €
  • Spectacular ornamental from NE Mexico!

    23,00 €
  • This species is typically smaller than other Dasylirions, with small crowns and trunks usually less than 0,5 m. Leaves are long, reaching 1–2m. 

    24,30 €
  • 1-2 year old seedling, H:40-70 cm. This is one of the few species of Delonix that grows as a "bottle-tree" , like a baobab. It is native to the dry South of Madagascar, where it grows together with other succulent plants and caudiciforms. Adult "bottle-trees" are very beautiful when they get covered of plenty of flowers.

    45,00 €
  • Another interesting Delonix from Madagascar. It is very adaptable and can attain anything from 3 to 12 m in height. Flowers lack petals but they are very beautiful, with lots of golden stamens shown when the tree is still leafless. We grew some plants in 35 cm pots and they started blooming beautifully after about 5 years, when they were just 1.5 m tall.

    72,00 €
  • This is the dream tree of the tropics, often considered the most beautiful of all flowering trees. Commonly called Royal Poinciana or Flamboyant. Its showy red flowers are the essence of the tropics.

    36,20 €
  • Large stapeliad from Central Africa, with grey angular stems. Large dark flowers, un to 5 cm wide, are held in clusters. They are yellow orange inside and then brown-black, with ciliate margins. It can be kept for years as a small collection stapeliad, but the largest specimens in habitat are more than one meter tall!

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  • Blue flax-lily or blueberry is a perennial ornamental from Eastern Australia and Tasmania, with glossy  green blade-like leaves to 70 cm long. Blue flowers are produced in spring and summer and purple berries are kept througout autumn. It is hardy to drought, snow and frost, to at least -7 C.

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  • This Dianella makes a glossy groundcover or tuft for the rockery, It bears blue flowers and super-blue fruits. Dianella ensifolia is very easy to grow, from full sun to deep shade.

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