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Here you will find some exotic flower and foliage species that have not been yet placed in their own category. Some are small herbaceous plants, while some are large trees. You will find acalyphas, cordylines, hoyas, pandanus, plumerias and others, including uncommon plants. Day by day we will add more and more interesting items.

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  • Socotranum is one the most admired species in the genus Adenium. It attains a huge size, of two, three or more meters in height. Showy clusters of pink flowers are regularly produced in Adult plants.

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  • Adenium somalense is one of the most beautiful caudiciform plants. It grows wild in Somalia and through the Rift Valley into Ethiopia, Kenya, and Tanzania. Depending on the area, its trunk can take different shapes from a fat shrub to a small tree (more than 4 m), differently from the similar species A. obesum whose caudex is mainly underground. The showy...

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  • This agave is a joy for the garden, because of its small size and non aggressive leaves. These are flexible, narrow, dark green and unarmed.

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  • Easy growing elegant and useful tree. In ancient Polynesia, nuts were useful as candles. As a food, they are used in Hawaii to make a sauce for raw tuna and salads. The nut is often cooked in Indonesian and Malaysian cuisine. In Java, they become a thick sauce eaten with vegetables and rice. The taste is similar to macadamia but the candlenut is bitter....

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  • Looks like a smaller sized relative of Alocasia macrorrhiza, but leaf margins are by far more undulate (wavy). The whole plant will hardly grow above 1-1,5 m in height, while macrorrhiza can easily grow more than 3 m. This smaller species is native to the Kachin Hills in the North of Myanmar.

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  • "Hardy Elephant Ear" is a species of Alocasia that can take cold much better than others. It is native to high elevations in New Guinea. Leaf blades reach only 30-40 cm but they are purple-coppery beneath. It is fast growing, it does not require hot conditions and will sprout back after mild frost.

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  • This mid-sized ginger with ornamental dark green foliage is used throughout SE Asia in many ways: rhizomes are cooked as seasoning or as a medicine. Young shoots are used in many Asian dishes. The inner portion of the aerial shoots is cooked as a vegetable and used in curry for flavouring. It can be kept in a pot for years and will stay small.

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  • This is a cool-growing species of Alpinia, which is possibly the frost-hardiest in the genus. It is similar to Alpinia zerumbet, but shorter in stature with wavier leaf margins.  Our rhizomes are uprooted from adult, blooming, mother plants. This ginger is also used medicinally.

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    One of the showiest variegated plants in the world ! This Asian plant from the ginger family has large dark-green leaves striped in a rich yellow. Large plants will eventually bloom with a spectacular inflorescence of white and yellow flowers, reminiscent of orchids. This plant is used medicinally in a lot of surprising ways.

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  • Atro-viridis means dark-green in Latin: Leaves have wide leaflets and a red margin. They are also all-red below and the petiole has red blotches. The inflorescence is a beauty too.

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  • This species stands out for the beauty of its wide inflorecence, which is "chocolate coloured", with changing hints of purple, reds and greens.

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  • This hard to find Amorpho has a different leaf with tapering leaf tips and spectacular prominent midribs (seen from below). Marvelous inflorescence with a red-to-blue spadix coming out of a cream white spathe.

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  •  Amorphophallus polyanthus is found in one location in NE Thailand, where it grows in deep shade at the base of rocky outcrops. It is low-growing, with rounded-rhombic leaflets, 3-10 cm long, and nice inflorescences with short spathes with purple tones.

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  • Four 14-20 cm cuttings - Creeping, fast growing groundcover mesemb with flowers in summer. This is the true A. cordifolia, with hearth-shaped leaves with bumpy surface and purple-pink flowers. It takes more cold than other aptenias.

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  • Aptenias are excellent groundcover plants. They are creeping succulents, potentially evergrowing in the "mesemb" family: Aizoaceae. There are 4 species in the genus Aptenia and this A. haeckeliana is the beautiful one with the yellow flowers. 

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  • This "Rengarenga Lily" or "New Zealand Rock Lily" is an ornamental and useful perennial with lush foliage and fower stalks up to 1 m tall with abundant bright white flowers.

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  • Butterfly Milkweed is grown as an ornamental plant. It lasts several years as a perennial if kept above 5C. The leaves are the favourite food of Danaus butterflies. If Danaus are in your region, plant a few and they will come !

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  • Wide exotic striped leaves rise from rhizomes. Aspidistra is a perfect indoor plant and a does well outdoors in the tropical-looking garden.

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  • Hard-to-find Japanese selection of "variegated" Aspidistra. It is not striped: each leaf develops a cream white "shade" in the upper part of the blade. Aspidistras make excellent pot plants for shade. They can live indoors or outdoors as they can take real frost.

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