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If you like exotic plants, you just came to the right place. Canarius offers the hard-to-find exotic plants which are seldom available in garden centres. Our shop has natural species as well as rare hybrids. We offer exotic plants from the Canary Islands.

Orders are sent to anywhere in Europe and also worldwide. Parcels will reach your home in a few days after shipping (but we also need some days for processing). Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


  • Succulents

    World deserts and dry areas are home to the most interesting plants. Canarius offers an increasing selection of succulent plants of maximum quality, because they are grown outdoors, under the full sun of the Canary Islands. 

    Succulents or "fat plants" are water-retaining species, adapted to dry conditions. They store succum (juice, water) in their leaves, stems or roots, and often show a stout and fleshy appearance.

  • Exotics

    Exotic plants are species from other parts of the world, and they usually have ornamental qualities: a lush foliage, colorful flowers, unusual shapes... Here you can find a great variety of exotic plants: from Bromeliads and Heliconias, to pamls and houseplants. 

    Exotic plants do not have a particular use. Collectors buy this kind of plants for their rarity, for indoor or outdoor decoration, depending on their features.

  • Fruit, Herbs & Medicinals

    Fruit, Herbs & Medicinal plants are focused on getting a better health. In this section, each type of plant produce healthy effects, both fruit trees (Feijoa, Pineapple, Fina de Jete...) and plants for health, such as Graviola, Aloe vera, Callisia fragrans...

    In the normal metabolism of all living beings, the organism produces some substances from nutrients latent in the environment; some of these chemicals are part of the process in all (or almost) sort of species. Normally, the useful compounds are concentrated in some of its parts: leaves, seeds, flowers...

    Find out your advisable plant and buy it online!

  • Special
    On we try to remove limits in the field of botany. On our online store we try to facilitate the purchase/sale of plants to anywhere in the world. That's why, we grow from the most common species to the most special plants, as we can see in this section.
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  • Thick 15-20 cm 1-y old rooted plant - It is a spectacular species, relative of the genus Aloe with leaves arranged as fans. Kumara plicatilis grows as a shrub or small tree and thrives outdoors in the coastal Mediterranean. It blooms in winter and its flowers are much larger than most aloes !

    45,00 €
  • Thick 26-40 cm 2-y old rooted plant - It is a spectacular species, relative of the genus Aloe with leaves arranged as fans. Kumara plicatilis grows as a shrub or small tree and thrives outdoors in the coastal Mediterranean. It blooms in winter and its flowers are much larger than most aloes !

    60,60 €
  • Elegant spotted aloe from Somalia. The glossy rosettes are often solitary, low growing. Colours change through the seasons, from green to grey, copper, burgundy or brown.

    18,20 €
  • Cont.= 8-12 cm - Very ornamental South African species, with a compact rosette of colourful, smooth leaves with beautiful red inflorescences.

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  • This hard to find species is very attractive due to its bright orange blush, promoted by full sun and cooler nights. It grows on the southern escarpment in Zimbabwe, at 1000-120 exposed to SE winds and mist. It is promisingly cool-resistant and it thrives outdoors in coastal mediterranean conditions.

    16,50 €
  • Very elegant, large South African Aloe with a stemless spreading rosette of colourful recurved leaves. Leaves can get a different colour according to light intensity, yellow-green to orange and eventually rusty-red in full sun. Rosettes can get up to 1 m large and slowly grow into clumps. Flower spike are also attractive, with yellow flowers.

    23,10 €
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    Impressive large and colourful Aloe from Southern Madagascar. Leaves are green during the growing season and turn red during rest. It grows outdoors in warm Mediterranean conditions but can be damaged by frost. It produces large, showy inflorescences of bright red flowers, at the start of Winter.

    15,48 € 17,20 €
  • Robust plant, 30-40 cm, 1 kg, field-grown in full sun. This is the famous Aloe vera, known for holding healthy properties. The tips of the tall flower spikes are edible. Leaves are green-glaucous to pink-copper. Takes light frost if kept dry.

    11,80 €
  • 10 cm cutting. A different, red flowered Aloe vera. This variety is slower than the typical form and has a denser, richer sap, also used in traditional medicine.

    14,20 €
  • This hybrid Aloe is a winner! It is a great beauty, with all types of reds, green and purples displayed on stripes, dots and teeth. 'Christmas Carol' is mid-sized and can reach 30 cm in diameter and height. It was developed by Griffin, the famous hybridiser of small sized aloes.

    35,00 €
  • Rooted plant, 10-12 cm diam. Cont. 8 cm. We got this Aloe as A. buettneri, but it looks to us like a hybrid of Aloe dorotheae. Rosettes are 10-16 cm wide, leaves are speckled and turn glossy red during rest or in full sun. It grows as a dense groundcover and makes a nice potted specimen or even a hanging basket plant. It can stand low temperatures but it...

    14,20 €
  • Aloidendron dichotomum is one of the most beautiful of the tree-aloes. has a very wide distribution of hundred of kilometers spanning from Namibia to RSA. 

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  • One of the most exotic of all desert trees: this tree aloe stands out in dry areas of Namibia and South Africa. Throughout much of its range this species is in decline. 

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  • Low growing clumping mesemb with beautiful warty leaves.

    10,60 €
  • Galangal or Blue Ginger is a herb used in cooking in SE Asia, and also medicinally. It grows as a tight clump of lush, upright dark-green leaves. Upright inflorescences of small white flowers are produced throughout the warmer months.

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  • This mid-sized ginger with ornamental dark green foliage is used throughout SE Asia in many ways: rhizomes are cooked as seasoning or as a medicine. Young shoots are used in many Asian dishes. The inner portion of the aerial shoots is cooked as a vegetable and used in curry for flavouring. It can be kept in a pot for years and will stay small.

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    This is a cool-growing species of Alpinia, which is possibly the frost-hardiest in the genus. It is similar to Alpinia zerumbet, but shorter in stature with wavier leaf margins.  Our rhizomes are uprooted from adult, blooming, mother plants. This ginger is also used medicinally.

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    This ornamental and medicinal Asian ginger has lush, large, dark-green leaves. Large plants will eventually bloom with a spectacular inflorescence of white and yellow flowers, reminiscent of orchids.

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    One of the showiest variegated plants in the world ! This Asian plant from the ginger family has large dark-green leaves striped in a rich yellow. Large plants will eventually bloom with a spectacular inflorescence of white and yellow flowers, reminiscent of orchids. This plant is used medicinally in a lot of surprising ways.

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  • This ornamental hybrid is a showy bulbous perennial and flowers repeatedly from July to October with gorgeous pink flowers. It is evergreen and the whole plant looks a bit like some tropical Crinum species but it is a frost-hardy plant, good to create a tropical look in a non tropical garden.

    17,30 €

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