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Showy Flowers; this type of flowers attract animals and makes possible the pollination. They are of essential importance in parks and gardens. The color makes them showier. The attractive of the Showy Flowers remains while the plant is alive and its beauty resides in its leaves that are brightly colored.

These flowers add beauty and color to the garden.You can find in our online store a variety of them such as: Clivia x CyrtanthifloraConvolvulus cneorumHeliconia stricta 'Dwarf Jamaican' among others.

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  • This beautiful Cyrtanthus is rewarding in cultivation. It is an evergreen South African bulb, which slowly forms clumps and fills up its pot. It is easy to grow and bloom.

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  • 1-2 year old seedling, H:40-70 cm. This is one of the few species of Delonix that grows as a "bottle-tree" , like a baobab. It is native to the dry South of Madagascar, where it grows together with other succulent plants and caudiciforms. Adult "bottle-trees" are very beautiful when they get covered of plenty of flowers.

    45,00 €
  • This is the dream tree of the tropics, often considered the most beautiful of all flowering trees. Commonly called Royal Poinciana or Flamboyant. Its showy red flowers are the essence of the tropics.

    36,20 €
  • Large stapeliad from Central Africa, with grey angular stems. Large dark flowers, un to 5 cm wide, are held in clusters. They are yellow orange inside and then brown-black, with ciliate margins. It can be kept for years as a small collection stapeliad, but the largest specimens in habitat are more than one meter tall!

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  • Blue flax-lily or blueberry is a perennial ornamental from Eastern Australia and Tasmania, with glossy  green blade-like leaves to 70 cm long. Blue flowers are produced in spring and summer and purple berries are kept througout autumn. It is hardy to drought, snow and frost, to at least -7 C.

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  • South African beauty with evergreen leaves and showy Iris-like flowers, profusely produced in Spring and Summer.

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  • Very beautiful perennial with white flowers. The leaves are wide and elegant, reminiscent of some Phormium tenax. it is a gigantic species of Dietes originating from the remote island of Lord Howe, which is also home of the Kentia palm.

    28,30 €
  • This is the most beautiful form of the widespread Dorstenia hildebrandrii. It is cute in all its stages, with a rounded, smooth swollen base which can be green to maroon. 

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  • This exciting ornamental is a cold-hardy mountain banana-relative, native to China. It grows banana-like leaves to height of about 1,5 m, and then blooms with a showy golden "artichoke", lasting for months.

    89,80 €
  • This bulb is a bomb! Eremurus robustus is showy in all its parts, both for its size and beauty. It produces an abundant rosette of wide dark green leaves. The inflorescence is very tall and ornamental, 2 to 3 m tall, while he bulb will soon reach the size of your head (!) It  adjusts well to European climates.

    16,20 €
  • Very ornamental deciduous erythrina from dry South Africa, with elegant, compact foliage. Branches come up from an underground caudex. It bears bicoloured flowers of an outstanding beauty. he caudex can grow to 25 cm in diameter and can be exposed in cultivation to enhance the unusual beauty of this plant.

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  • 1-2 year old seedling. This "Dwarf Coral Tree" is native to Natal, in South Africa. It is a densely branched deciduous shrub, with scarlet flowers on black flower stalks, standing above the foliage during a long time. It is suited to mediterranean climates and takes light frosts.

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  • A classic of subtropical gardening. This is one of the cold-hardiest coral-trees and it is quite easy to grow and bloom, with fabulous sprays of large coral-red flowers. It can be a small shrub to a tree of 10 or more meters in height.

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  • This Dwarf Coral Tree is native to Arizona, New Mexico and Mexico. It is a shrub with white bark, erect growth and truly showy scarlet flowers. It is suited to warm temperatate to subtropical climates. Its small size and frost resistance ( to about -6 C !) make it suitable for Northern latitudes. 

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  • Dwarf Coral Tree is native to Natal, in South Africa. It is a densely branched deciduous shrub, with scarlet flowers on black flower stalks, standing above the foliage during a long time. It is suited to mediterranean climates and takes light frosts.

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  • Small tree from dry South Africa with unusually thick branches and unsually wide trifoliate leaves. These are gorgeous, velvety, with a few spines. It is very ornamental. It starts its life with a caudex and can stay in a pot for eons, keeping a nice caudex with very short shoots. Inforescences show the fabulous classic erythrina-red colour and flowers...

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  • Tree 4-20 m tall, with corky bark and hooked spines on the branches. The flowers have the beautiful red so typical of the genus Erythrina.

    58,30 €
  • Wili-wili, or Erythrina sandwicensis is endemic to the dry side of the Hawaiian Islands. It is almost a succulent plant, as it often grows on dry lava rock, with a thick trunk. Flower colours range through different hues and each specimen is different: they can be Green to Yellow to different types of Orange.

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  • Erythrina velutina - Mulungu Majestic tree which is both ornamental and useful, with bright orange-red flowers. It is found in seasonally dry forests of much of South America and it is used in popular medicine throughout most of its range.

    42,00 €

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