Dietes grandiflora

South African beauty with evergreen leaves and showy Iris-like flowers, profusely produced in Spring and Summer.

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Dietes is a genus of rhizomatous perennial plants native to South Africa. This species is evergreen, easy to grow and blooms during many months, in spring and summer. It has flat, distichously arranged, leaves and produces white flowers spotted in purple and yellow.

Dietes grandiflora grows well in full sun or partial shade, and in most types of soils. It can be used as an isolated individual or group, it is ideal for edges of ponds and wetlands garden.

Picture from wikimedia commons:
By SAplants - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

Cultivation Protected
Plant origin Africa
Presentation Bare root
Max. Size 40cm-50cm
Botanical family Iridaceae
Light Medium
Minimum winter temperature -5 ºC to 5 ºC
Flowering Season Spring
Flowering Season Summer
Plant type Herbaceous
Color Violet
Color White
Color Yellow
Care Pot
Shape Perennials
Shape Rhizomes
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