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Canarius offers a selection of the top-line products regularly purchased by local people from Canary Islands, not the cheaper quality products often sold for the tourist market. Some are handcrafted delicacies, produced on a small scale by local companies.

Taste the spicy “mojos". Discover the unusual jams of tropical fruits such as mango, guava and cactus' fruits. Try the unique Palm Honey, obtained from the sap of the native palm, Phoenix canariensis. These traditional delicacies are produced by the mediterranean and tropical crops growing on the islands, with all the safety required by the laws of the European Union.


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    The Canary islands are home to a deep tradition of sweet preserves. Our Canarian bee honey is produced with native endemic flowers grown in unpolluted areas. Each drop is a step toward their conservation. An amazing product is the unique "palm honey", obtained from the sap of the endemic palm Phoenix canariensis. Try also our handcrafted jams and jellies of tropical fruit, from locally grown trees, with and without sugar. Our best seller jams are mango, guava and opuntia-cactus. We shall select for you only the best brands, the favourites of the Canarian citizens.

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