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Agave is a genus of succulent plants from America. Some species grow in cold areas and take hard frost, while some others live in tropical climates. Some are tiny dwarfs and some are giants, up to 2 or 3 m wide.

Cold hardy agaves can create an exotic effect in your garden. Agave species make fine companions to palms or cacti. Variegated agaves are incredibly sought after by collectors. Our web shop offers an ever changing selection of species. We ship bare rooted plants, unless otherwise specified.

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  • Beautiful glossy green spineless Furcraea, native to Northern South America. The beautiful large rosettes attain 2 m in mediterranean conditions and almost 4 m in tropical climates. As most other furcraeas, it will stay small and stable forever if kept in pots.

    16,50 €
  • Stiff, glossy leaves, with golden margins. It is a variegated selection, traditionally planted in gardens of the Canary Islands. This elegant plant usually grows an aerial trunk of 0,5-2 m and then produces an incredibly tall inflorescence.

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  • Leaves are decorated by showy white, curly fibres on the margins. It clumps slowly and  Long-lasting tall, red inflorescences appear in summer. Hardy to all types of conditions and it can take drought, and frost to about -20 C !

    15,00 €
  • This is an extraordinary ornamental plant! Mangaves are intergeneric hybrids between Manfreda and Agave. Espresso is a variegated selection obtained from the already beautiful Mangave 'Macho Mocha'. It has a showy spineless rosette with blue leaves, spotted in burgundy, with white spotted margins.

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  • Too beautiful to be true: this blue leaved plant is spineless and loaded with exotic purple spots. It is an excellent natural hybrid between intergeneric hybrid between Manfreda variegata and Agave celsii. Potted plants will stay below 1 m in diameter but field-grown plants can attain almost 2 m ! It is really hardy to frost: it stood -13 C in North...

    19,50 €
  • Spectacular Japanese selection species of a stemless Yucca species, with a golden central stripe. It  grows elegant rosettes of glossy variegated leaves with undulate margins. Frost hardy.

    21,60 €
  • Variegated selection of the popular Yucca native to the SE USA. 

    18,30 €

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