Rubus idaeus 'Zefa'

'Zefa Herbsternte' , also known as 'Zefa' or ‘Zeva’, is a summer-fruiting raspberry, producing good yields of sweet-tasting, large fruit from July onwards. Fruits grow on current season’s growth. ‘Zeva’ is more tolerant of cold climates than other raspberries, and is suitable for growing in northerly regions.

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Rubus idaeus 'Zefa Herbsternte' , also known as 'Zefa' or ‘Zeva’, is a summer-autumn fruiting raspberry, with a good production of sweet, large fruits. Fruits grow on current season’s growth. It is deciduous and needs some training of the stems. 'Zeva' or ‘Zefa’, is also one of the most frost-proof raspberries.

We ship a robust, sun-grown plant
, cultivated in a 16-20 cm pot, of variable height of 30-60 cm. This is a fast growing species and it is produced once or twice a year so the specimens can come in different sizes. We will always try to select a compact robust plant for you.  We ship worldwide.

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Cultivation Protected
Plant origin Europe
Presentation Bare root
Max. Size 70cm-100cm
Botanical family Rosaceae
Light Sun
Minimum winter temperature -25 ºC to -15 ºC
Flowering Season Warmer Months
Plant type Herbaceous
Color Black
Care Low-maintenance
Shape Perennials