Plumeria 'Mont Blanc'

Mont Blanc is very different from the usual Plumeria rubra hybrids. Bushy, wiht white-pink ruffled frilly petals, which are very uncommon in plumerias. It is something new in many aspects.

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Mont Blanc is very different from the usual Plumeria rubra hybrids. Firstly, it has ruffled frilly petals, which are very uncommon in plumerias, but there is more. Its mother species was Plumeria pudica, so it inherited many features from this species and the overall look is different from the usual plumerias: Stems are thin, habit is bushy, it is partly evergreen, and it is very resistant to rust and mites.

Flowers are unique, for its ruffled petals of white and soft pink, with a yellow/orange center. The pink is unevenly spread on fowers, especially on the back. 

Mont Blanc is one of the "new generation plumerias", which are hybrids of different species of Plumeria, such as P. pudica, P.rubra and P.obtusa, often called puditusa hybrids.

We ship a well rooted plant sometimes branched, sometimes not. usually an adult tip-cutting that can bloom in one year or less. Plumerias are leafless in winter and spring and they can be shipped with pots or bare rooted in sphagnum.

Cultivation Protected
Plant origin Asia
Presentation Bare root
Botanical family Apocynaceae
Light Sun
Plant type Woody
Care Pot
Shape Shrubs
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