Litchi chinensis 'Kwai Mai Pink'

The "cold-hardy" lychee tree. This Chinese lychee variety produces fruits in cooler locations and and fruits very late, in mid-summer. Fruits are greenish-pink and quality is very good.

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Litchi chinensis Kwai Mai Pink is called the "cold-hardy" lychee tree. This Chinese lychee variety is able to bear fruits in cooler locations and and fruits very late, in late-summer. Leaves are smaller than in other varieties of lychee. Fruits are not too large, greenish-pink and quality is very good. The non-red, pinkish colour is remarkable because birds will attack these fruits as they typically do with most other lychee cultivars. The Kwai Mai Pink tree also starts fruiting early, when it is about 2 m tall.

Litchi chinensis thrives and fruits regularly in the warmer coastal Mediterranean. It does not grow well in the tropics, because it needs cool winters, with temperatures below 12 C in order to induce flowering. It only takes short, light frost.

Lychee is a subtropical evergreen tree native to eastern China where it has been cultivated for thousands of years. The tree has a medium size reaching up to 2-3 m (6-8 ft). Its fruit is smooth, aromatic and juicy inside the thin, rough, slightly spiky and leathery pink to red shell. Litchi chinensis has a small inedible brown seed. Rich in vitamin C it is available mainly in mid-summer. Eaten fresh, used in fruit salads, also bottled, canned, frozen and dried (lychee nuts).

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Cultivation Protected
Plant origin Asia
Presentation Potted Plant
Botanical family Sapindaceae
Light Sun
Minimum winter temperature 0 ºC to 10 ºC
Plant type Woody
Care Pot
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