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Aechmea callichroma

Large and beautiful landscaping bromeliad, about 1 m tall, with wide, thick leaves and showy inflorescences, lasting for months. It loves hot and sunny conditions. Leaf colour is olive green and turns to intense pink in full sun.

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Large and beautiful landscaping bromeliad approx 1 m (3 ft) tall with wide leaves. Aechmea callichroma grows fast in hot and sunny conditions. Leaf colour is olive green in the shade and turns intense pink if exposed to full sun. Leaves are moderately spiny

It blooms in mid to late summer with 1,6 m (5 ft) tall orange-yellow inflorescences, lasting about five months.

This plant was formerly cultivated under the wrong name Aechmea mulfordi, but it corresponds to a different species.

Aechmea callichroma is one of the best large bromeliads for sunny areas, often combined with the yellow-orange Aechmea blanchetiana, to achieve magnificent effects.

We sell very large 25-40 cm (10-16") bare-rooted pups. This species is large and therfore slow to establish - our pups can take two years to bloom. We ship it worldwide.

Visit THIS LINK and see pictures of our plants on the packing desk and learn more about what we ship, including some bromeliads.

Visit the Bromeliad Section in our Blog and learn more about our bromeliads.

Cultivada Protegido
Origen de la especie América
Forma presentación A raíz desnuda
Familia Botánica Bromeliaceae
Luz Sol
Temperatura mínima invierno 5 ºC a 15 ºC
Época de floración Verano
Tipo de planta Herbácea
Cuidados Maceta
Forma Herbáceas