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Colocasia esculenta 'Ñame Blanco' - Taro, Ñame Vergrößern

Colocasia esculenta 'Ñame Blanco' - Taro, Ñame

Taro is the edible corm of a spectacular plant that can be grown in damp soil or in the water. It has huge exotic foliage. This variety named Ñame Blanco is traditionally grown in the Canary Islands.

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This variety named Ñame Blanco is traditionally grown in the Canary Islands, both in commercial plantations and in semi-cultivated conditions in the bottom of steep ravines. Corms are traditionally gathered around february. They take a lot of time of steaming or boiling before being eaten.  Sometimes they are served as a dessert with honey or palm-honey as a topping.

Taro or Ñame is the edible corm of a spectacular plant with large leaves. Colocasia esculenta has large exotic foliage and produces thick edible "roots". It is an ancient crop native to a wide area of the world, from India to New Guinea and the Pacific Islands. It was also spread to Africa and Southern Europe in the far past.

Colocasia esculenta is easy to grow in moist to wet or even flooded soil. Full sun is recommended for the healthiest growth and the heaviest crop.

Growing taro in a pot

If you plan to grow Colocasia esculenta in a pot, then any pot is sufficient as long as it has a dish with water below. But a size of about 30 cm will allow the plant to bear its beautiful huge leaves and produce a few corms for the kitchen.

What do we ship?

Depending on season and availability we will send a corm with few or no leaves, or a plant in a pot, or a plant bare-rooted in sphagnum. In any case you will receive one healthy plant!
Anbau Innenanbau
Herkunft der Arten Asien
Präsentation Freiliegende Wurzeln
Maximale Größe 70cm-200cm
Botanische Familie Araceae
Lichtbedürfnis Sonne
Mindesttemperatur im Winter -5 ºC bis 5 ºC
Pflanzentyp krautartig
Farbe Grün
Pflegebedürfnis Blumentopf
Wuchsform Perennierend