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Aechmea blanchetiana Red Vergrößern

Aechmea blanchetiana 'Red'

One of the best large bromeliads, perfect for tropical garden design. So red! 

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Aechmea blanchetiana 'Red' is a selection from Wally Berge, and some specialists believe that this is a hybrid of Aechmea blanchetiana with another large bromeliad like Aechmea mulfordii or Aechmea callichroma. This plant is astonishing, it is one of the best large bromeliads, reaching intense red colour in full sun.

This red clone needs less direct sun than the standard blanchetiana in order to develop the good colour. This means good news for people living in non-tropical countries. It actually needs some mild shade in the tropics and subtropics, to prevent sun burning.

The wild Aechmea blanchetiana is native to the Atlantic coast of Brazil, where it grows both terrestrially, in coastal sand, or epiphytically, on the branches of tall forest trees.

Also this red clone has a clumping habit, with large rosettes of wide and glossy leaves, producing a spectacular floral display which lasts for months.

The heavily branched inflorescence appears in July and grows to 1,2 m tall, in red and yellow and lasts until December. It loves hot, sunny coastal conditions but it can possibly survive to very light frost.

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For large species such as this one, we select and ship to your home cuttings of 35-45 cm. The weight is 300-600 grams. Pups of large species will often lack roots and can take 2 – 3 years to reach maturity. The picture below shows what we ship. We ship worldwide.

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Anbau Innenanbau
Herkunft der Arten Amerika
Präsentation Freiliegende Wurzeln
Maximale Größe 70cm-100cm
Botanische Familie Bromeliaceae
Lichtbedürfnis Sonne
Mindesttemperatur im Winter 0 ºC bis 10 ºC
Blütezeit Sommer
Pflanzentyp krautartig
Pflegebedürfnis Blumentopf
Wuchsform Perennierend