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Pouteria sapota 'Pantin' - LARGE - Mamey Colorado Visualizza ingrandito

Pouteria sapota 'Pantin' - LARGE - Mamey Colorado

Tall Grafted tree in 13x27 cm pot. Red Mamey is a tropical fruit tree native to Central America. Incredibly sweet and attractive. This variety Pantin is the best Cuban selection, with larger, excellent fruits.

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The Variety Pantin

The grafted variety "Pantin" originated in Cuba. It is most spread in Florida and from all the varieties of red the mamey this has the best taste for us. It has large fruits of uniform size and it fruits quite regularly in late summer to early autumn.

The Tree

Red Mamey is a tropical evergreen tree native to Central America and widespread in the Caribbean Islands. The tree has an open crown with a central thick trunk and some large branches. It attains 20 m (60 ft) in tropical regions. Leaves are about 30 cm (12 ") long, obovate or oblolanceolate, grouped at the end of small branches. Flowers appear on the old trunk, small, whitish and sessile.

The Fruit

It ripens in late summer. It is a large berry, oval-shaped, with a persistent calyx; its size varies from 8-20 cm (3-8 ") length. The skin is thick. brown, like soft sandpaper. The flesh is salmon-pink, orange or red and the texture varies from smooth, firm to finely granulate. It has a sweet unique taste . Usually there is a long, glossy brown elliptic seed. Fruits weight 0,3-2,7 kg (0,7-6 lb).

Uses in the Kitchen

Mamey Colorado can be eaten fresh and it is typically a base for milk shakes. It is also used in soups, preserves and deserts.

What do we ship?

The size of the plant we offer is: a tall Grafted tree in 13x27 cm pot. It is grafted with an adult tree bud so it will start flowering soon and will set fruits in 3-4 years. Canarius offers grafted "mameyes". Grafting trees is an art and it is very difficult to graft Pouteria as it takes many months and many failures to achieve the goal.

Coltivazione Protetta
Origine della pianta America
Presentazione Pianta in vaso
Dimensione massima 300cm e più
Famiglia botanica Sapotaceae
Luce Sole
Temperatura minima in inverno 10 ºC a 15 ºC
Tipo pianta Legnose
Colore Rosso
Colore Marrone
Cura Vaso
Forma Alberi