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Averrhoa carambola cv. Sri Kenbangan Visualizza ingrandito

Averrhoa carambola 'Sri Kenbangan'

Variety from Thailand, with 12-15 cm long fruits. Firm, very sweet and juicy. It has few or no seeds. Carambola or "star fruit" is a tropical evergreen tree that can fruit outdoors in the warmer Mediterranean.

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The variety Sri Kembangan

Sri Kembangan is a cultivar of Star Fruit from Thailand, with 12-15 cm long fruits. The flesh is firm, very sweet and juicy. It has few or no seeds.The variety "Sri Kenbangan" has bright yellow-orange fruit that is slightly elongated and pointed. Flavour is rich and sweet and gives it an excellent dessert quality.

Carambola or Star Fruit in general

Carambola or Star Fruit is a tropical evergreen tree native to Java and Southern Asia. Its height varies from 3-5 m (10-16 ft), with leaves of 8-18 cm (3-7 ") along the stems and short inflorescences. The fruits grow in bunches all over the tree, its shape is a star of 5 points, elliptical, 10x5 cm (4x2 "), yellow-orange when rip. Averrhoa carambola has a thin and waxy skin, with a mild, sweet to acid flesh that is translucent, succulent, soft and crisp. It is available from mid-summer to mid-winter, mostly eaten fresh or in fruit salads and as garnish. Less ripped fruit is best pickled and used in preserves and chutneys. Contains vitamins A and C, phosphorous and potassium.

Buy a carambola star-fruit tree in our Web Shop

We ship worldwide plants of variable height, 40-80 cm tall. We will always try to select a robust potted plant for you, compact enough to fit in the box. Carambolas are fast growers. Sometimes they are too tall, even above 1 m . We will prune them to a reasonable size of about 50-70 cm (including pot). They might look a bit ugly but they have good stems and will soon sprout new growth. Carambolas can shed leaves for a short time in winter-spring, so don't be scared if the tree is leafless in these months.

Visit THIS LINK and see pictures of our fruit trees on the packing desk - learn more about what we ship, including carambolas !

Coltivazione Protetta
Origine della pianta Asie
Presentazione Pianta in vaso
Dimensione massima 200cm-400cm
Famiglia botanica Oxalidaceae
Luce Sole
Temperatura minima in inverno 0 ºC a 15 ºC
Tipo pianta Legnose
Colore Giallo
Cura Vaso
Forma Alberi
Forma Arbusti