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Acalypha 'Java White'

Tropical garden shrub with leaves speckled in cream-white. This plant is a winner and it is more robust than other white-variegated varieties.

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Acalypha cv. Java White has green leaves speckled with cream-white. The first leaves in Spring will be mostly green, with some creamy parts. Leaf after leaf, the plant will become more variegated and at the end of Summer it can be almost all cream-coloured. This plant is a winner and it is more robust than other white-variegated varieties.

We ship a robust, sun-grown plant of at least 5 months, cultivated in a 16-20 cm pot. This is a fast growing species and it is produced once or twice a year so the specimens can be 40-100 cm tall. We will always try to select a compact robust plant for you. In most cases we will prune the plant before shipping. This is because some plants are too tall to fit in the box and also because the upper branches are too tender, so pruning will be helpful during the transit. It will surely grow back soon because it is a fast growing plant, commonly pruned in gardens. Depending on the season, this plant can be sent bare-rooted, with the roots wrapped in moist sphagnum or perlite. Be prepared to plant it in a pot of at least 18 cm, filled with good garden soil and place it in full sun, at 16-30 CWe ship worldwide.

In you will find lots of traditional Acalypha cultivars from the Pacific. They have been around for centuries and they are all very robust. These acalyphas are commonly planted in the gardens of the Canary Islands. They are so hardy in our climate that they are often planted in roads and roundabouts.

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Cultivation Protégée
Origine de la plante Océanie
Présentation Plante en pot
Taille max. 70cm-200cm
Famille botanique Euphorbiaceae
Lumière Soleil
Température minimale hivernale 5 ºC à 15 ºC
Saison de floraison Mois les plus chauds
Type de plante Ligneuses
Couleur Blanc
Couleur Jaune
Couleur Vert
Soins Pot
Forme Arbustes