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Syzygium cordatum - Water Berry

Shrub to medium size tree from South Africa. It has a very dense foliage and edible sweet fruits. It grows in Mediterranean to Tropical conditions.

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Syzygium cordatum is a medium-sized tree, 6-15 (max. 20) m in height; dwarf forms 30-45 cm high have been reported; young trunks banded and blotched in grey and white and are fairly smooth; in old trees the bark is dark brown, light grey or reddish, thick, rough, fissured and can be pulled off in thick, corklike, square pieces; young stems squarish with winged edges. Leaves very many, near the ends of branches, thick, leathery, smooth, opposite, elliptic, oval or almost circular, up to 2.5-13 x 1.9-8 (17) cm, bluish-green on top, paler green under, gland dots inconspicuous; apex bluntly pointed to rounded; base round and notched; margin entire and often wavy; petiole absent or extremely short; midrib lateral with conspicuous net veins; usually stalkless but may occasionally have short stalks, in which case they may be confused with those of S. guineense; new foliage is bright red. Buds sturdy, in dense, branched terminal sprays, their round shiny pink tops appearing just above the smooth, green calyx. Open into creamy white to pinkish, sweetly scented flowers that yield excellent, abundant nectar; petals fall early, leaving the stamens forming an airy puff; stamens the most conspicuous feature, in dense heads, about 2-2.5 (max. 10) cm in diameter at the ends of branches; filaments 10-15 mm long.

Fruit an ovoid, fleshy berry, about 1.3-1.5 cm, slightly oblong, deep pink, purple or purple-black when mature, ellipsoid with a permanent calyx on top, 10-18 mm long; inside the fruit is a single, whitish seed.

Cultivada Protegido
Origen de la especie África
Forma presentación En maceta (mezcla de sustratos)
Tamaño Máx. 300cm y +
Familia Botánica Myrtaceae
Luz Sol
Temperatura mínima invierno -5 ºC a 5 ºC
Época de floración Meses más cálidos
Tipo de planta Leñosa
Color Negro
Cuidados Maceta
Cuidados Pocos cuidados
Forma Árboles
Forma Arbustos