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Ficus pumila Variegata


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Creeping or climbing Ficus with small round leaves with splashed in white on the sides.

This is a climbing tropical Ficus. It naturally grows in forest areas and it can grow in many ways: it can creep on the ground, climb on tree trunks or rocks and also hang down from the branches. Just like many tropical aroids, this species has a juvenile form and a very different adult form. We offer for sale the juvenile form, which has smaller leaves, generally hearth shaped and thinner stems. After some years in good light, the plant will slowly become adult, so the stems will be thicker and the leaves much larger and wider, with a different shape. Then it will also be able to flower and fruit. In cultivation, they are versatile too and they can be used as groundcovers or ivy-like climbers in frost-free areas or used indoors as house plants for hanging baskets or climbing poles. The juvenile form of this species is perfectly adapted to indoor conditions and makes an excellent house plant. It will grow in any room with bright light and it is easy to mantain. It is also used in tropical greenhouse settings or in the terrarium, together with bromeliads and other indoor plants.

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We ship a robust, greenhouse-grown plant, cultivated in a 14-18 cm pot. We will always try to select a compact robust plant for you. This plant will be sent with pot and substrate, mostly made of peat and perlite. It is adapted to shade and should not be exposed to direct full sun. Grow it indoors or outdoors in the shade. We ship worldwide.

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Cultivada Protegido
Origen de la especie Europa
Forma presentación En maceta (mezcla de sustratos)
Tamaño Máx. 0-10cm
Familia Botánica Moraceae
Luz Sombra
Temperatura mínima invierno -20 ºC a -15 ºC
Tipo de planta Leñosa
Cuidados Maceta
Forma Herbáceas