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Zingiber ottensii 'Scales'

Unusual "shampoo ginger" with wide, dark-green leaves and pinecone-like reddish inflorescences that come out of the ground.

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 "Shampoo type" ginger, with wide, dark-green leaves, tapering to a tip, and pinecone-like maroon inflorescences coming out of the ground. It is partly deciduous and during the colder months it can shed all stems and rest as a rhizome underground. Thanks to this winter break, it is rather easy to grow this tropical perennial in non-tropical countries as it can be easily brought indoors. Keep it slightly moist when resting and not bone-dry.

This form of Zingiber ottensii bears round-tipped inflorescences with rather closed scale-like bracts, unlike the typical Z. ottensii that has open bracts with revolute tips. It might well be a different species or subspecies when better studied.

We ship one adult thick rhizome, grown in the field, with at least two growing points, bare rooted in sphagnum, with or without shoots, depending on the season.
Cultivation Protected
Plant origin Asia
Presentation Bare root
Max. Size 100cm-120cm
Botanical family Zingiberaceae
Light Medium
Minimum winter temperature 5 ºC to 15 ºC
Plant type Herbaceous
Color Red
Color Green
Care Pot
Shape Rhizomes