Zamia integrifolia

Caribbean cycad with elgant leaves with regularly spaced glossy leaflets. It grows in harsh areas and it is easy to grow in full sun. We offer a three years old plant.

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This zamia does not form an aerial trunk but it builds a wide, multi-headed stem, with thick tuberous roots. It is beautiful both as an individual specimen or as a mass groundcover. This species is semi-deciduous and it is very resistent to cold or drought, because it can defoliate and come back quickly from the base. We offer a three years old plant.
Cultivation Protected
Plant origin America
Presentation Potted Plant
Max. Size 50cm-100cm
Botanical family Zamiaceae
Light Shade
Light Medium
Minimum winter temperature -5 ºC to 5 ºC
Plant type Woody
Color Green
Care Pot
Shape Palm-Like Plants
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