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These plants from dry areas produce an unusually thick stem, the caudex. They are also called pachycauls and they have a disproportionately thick trunk, often with few branches. The caudex can be hidden underground, but in most cases they grow upwards, forming spectacular trees. The largest caudiciforms in the world are the baobabs.
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  • 1-2 year old seedling, H:40-70 cm. This is one of the few species of Delonix that grows as a "bottle-tree" , like a baobab. It is native to the dry South of Madagascar, where it grows together with other succulent plants and caudiciforms. Adult "bottle-trees" are very beautiful when they get covered of plenty of flowers.

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  • Another interesting Delonix from Madagascar. It is very adaptable and can attain anything from 3 to 12 m in height. Flowers lack petals but they are very beautiful, with lots of golden stamens shown when the tree is still leafless. We grew some plants in 35 cm pots and they started blooming beautifully after about 5 years, when they were just 1.5 m tall.

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  • This is the dream tree of the tropics, often considered the most beautiful of all flowering trees. Commonly called Royal Poinciana or Flamboyant. Its showy red flowers are the essence of the tropics.

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  • Pack of two tubers of 4-8 cm in diameter.

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  • Dorstenia foetida is small and "palm-like" in shape. Its caudex has a green-and-grey bark nicely dotted with leaf scars. Arching leaves form a rosette on the top of the stem.

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  • The most extraordinary dragon tree is the one from the island of Socotra. Here we offer 3-4 years old seedlings.

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  • The most extraordinary dragon tree is the one from the island of Socotra. Here we offer 5-6 years old seedlings.

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  • Very ornamental deciduous erythrina from dry South Africa, with elegant, compact foliage. Branches come up from an underground caudex. It bears bicoloured flowers of an outstanding beauty. he caudex can grow to 25 cm in diameter and can be exposed in cultivation to enhance the unusual beauty of this plant.

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  • Small tree from dry South Africa with unusually thick branches and unsually wide trifoliate leaves. These are gorgeous, velvety, with a few spines. It is very ornamental. It starts its life with a caudex and can stay in a pot for eons, keeping a nice caudex with very short shoots. Inforescences show the fabulous classic erythrina-red colour and flowers...

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  • Tree 4-20 m tall, with corky bark and hooked spines on the branches. The flowers have the beautiful red so typical of the genus Erythrina.

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  • Wili-wili, or Erythrina sandwicensis is endemic to the dry side of the Hawaiian Islands. It is almost a succulent plant, as it often grows on dry lava rock, with a thick trunk. Flower colours range through different hues and each specimen is different: they can be Green to Yellow to different types of Orange.

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  • This Australian Erythrina is incredibly attractive shrub to small tree, with unmistakeable bat-wing trifoliate leaves. It is graceful and easy to grow. It grows in dey areas and develops a thick base: a caudex which grows very thick both underground and above ground. It is suitable to pot colture and the caudex can be exposed as a potted "bonsai".

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  • Small gem from South Africa, growing with a short and "fat" caudex-stem, often unbranched, resembling a dry pinecone. 

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  • Succulent shrub from Sonora in Mexico, with arching branches and showy orange-red blooming. It grows well in cultivation and when co nstrained in a pot, it forms a nice short shrub with a caudex and will also bloom.

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  • This caudex ant-plant is an epiphytic plant that develop a huge chambered stem, providing shelter for some species of ants.In turn, these ant-plants, or myrmecophytes, receive nutrients and protection from the ants. The caudex of Hydnophytum moseleyanum can get quite large, up to 20-40 cm in diameter, and the bark is grey and smooth (much like the one of...

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  • Very ornamental caudex-forming, flowering plant. it is a close relative of the sweet potato and its stems actually become vining if grown in wet or shady conditions. 

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  • . We offer plants of 2 years old.

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  • This species bears edible fruits and it grows just 20-50 cm tall. with a thick underground trunk or caudex, which helps it to survive drought and fires. Sometimes it is called the "underground tree".

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