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This is our selection of plants that can stand some cold. Some will only resist to cool weather and light frost, but some others will take hard frost in colder climates. They are all very different but they deserve to be tried because all these tropical-looking plants have non tropical requirements. They will surely thrive outdoors in coastal Mediterranean climates or in a mildly heated greenhouse where frost does not occur.

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  • Caribbean cycad with elgant leaves with regularly spaced glossy leaflets. It grows in harsh areas and it is easy to grow in full sun. We offer a three years old plant.

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  • This small tolerant species grows in shady semi-evergreen forests to pine-oak forests in Veractuz, Mexico. It is hardy to drought and occasional mild frosts. It will grow easily outdoors in the coastal Mediterranean, better if protected under tree canopy. It also thrives as an indoor plant. All our plants in this batch are starting to cone, now or soon.

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