Saccharum officinarum 'Amarilla de San Andres' - Yellow Sugarcan View larger

Saccharum officinarum 'Amarilla de San Andres' - Yellow Sugarcan

Pack of two super-thick cuttings ready to sprout. Yellow stemmed cultivar we got in San Andres, Anaga. This type is widespread in the Canary Islands.

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This Yellow Variety

We got this yellow-stemmed cultivar in San Andres, Anaga. This type of sugarcane is widespread in the Canary Islands and it is also called Caña Blanca and Caña del País. As in most traditional varieties, flavour is also good and the skin is tender.

The Sugar Cane

Sugar Cane is a 3-5 m (9-15 ft) tall tropical grass that produces most of the world sugar. Saccharum officinarum grows in tropical to warm mediterranean climates. Canes can be peeled and eaten at any moment, they are best after blooming. Sugar cane is very fast growing in hot summer weather, water and fertilize abundantly in summer. It is hardy to light frosts. Protect the base if frosts are expected.

Canarius offers a super thick 50 cm ready-to-sprout cutting.
Cuttings are the best way to reproduce sugar cane, because they root easily and will give a plant exactly like the original mother plant. Let's plant our cuttings in a sandy and draining soil. Keep them moist and warm above 17 C to take root. The best rooting temperature is 20-30 C.

Notice to the customers in the USA: We canot ship this species because it is not allowed in your country.

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Cultivation Protected
Plant origin Oceania
Presentation Cutting
Max. Size 250cm-300cm
Botanical family Poaceae
Light Sun
Minimum winter temperature 0 ºC to 15 ºC
Plant type Herbaceous
Care Pot
Shape Rhizomes