Rubus idaeus 'Heritage' - Raspberry

Rubus idaeus (raspberry) is a red-fruited species of Rubus native to Europe and northern Asia and commonly cultivated in other temperate regions.

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Plants of Rubus idaeus are perennials which bear biennial stems ("canes") from a perennial root system. 

'Heritage' is good and easy everbearing cultivar of red raspberries. The shrub is upright, self-supporting, thorny, self-fertile and fruits are also especially attractive. Its most abundant crop is in September until the first frosts. Everbearing means that it will produce two crops on each biennial "cane", usually peaking in june and september. But then, depending on pruning and climate, it can actually set fruits each time it has the opportunity, on any shoot, whenever light and nutrients are available and temperatures are not too low (or too high, in seasonally hot places like the So.Mediterranean). As a new cane is produced, the first fruits are set on the upper part (ripening in autumn) and the following year, new flower clusters and fruits will appear from the mid and lower parts of the cane.

We ship a robust, sun-grown plant, cultivated in a 16-20 cm pot, of variable height of 30-60 cm. This is a fast growing species and it is produced once or twice a year so the specimens can come in different sizes. We will always try to select a compact robust plant for you.  We ship worldwide.

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De User:Fir0002 - Trabajo propio, GFDL 1.2,

Cultivation Protected
Plant origin Europe
Presentation Bare root
Max. Size 100cm-150cm
Botanical family Rosaceae
Light Sun
Light Medium
Minimum winter temperature -20 ºC to -10 ºC
Flowering Season Warmer Months
Plant type Herbaceous
Color Red
Care Pot
Shape Shrubs
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