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Musa 'Gros Michel' - Banana

Gros Michel is the lost commercial banana of the past. It was the leading banana in the world but in the early XX century, diseases destroyed most plantations. These great "standard" bananas taste better than modern Cavendish types.

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Gros Michel is the "lost" commercial banana of the past. Diseases destroyed most plantations in the early XX century. These great "standard" bananas taste better than modern Cavendish types, but Cavendish bananas became the main crop after the disaster. It easily bears large bunches of well shaped bananas.

Gros Michel survived in the small family orchards of the Canary Islands. It is still found in inland areas of Tenerife, where it is called "plátano de seda" (silk-banana). Other names of this Gros Michel cultivar are: Bluefields (Hawaii), Kluai hom thong (Thailand) and Pisang Ambon (Indonesia).

We ship a stout rooted sucker, not a potted plant. Your will receive it with the corm wrapped in a bag with moist perlite.

In spring, suckers may not have roots. In this case, suckers are easy to root if temperatures are kept between 20 and 30 C.

Cultivation Protected
Plant origin Asia
Presentation Bare root
Max. Size 200cm-400cm
Botanical family Musaceae
Light Sun
Minimum winter temperature 10 ºC to 15 ºC
Flowering Season All year
Plant type Herbaceous
Care Pot
Shape Palm-Like Plants
Shape Perennials