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Mangifera indica 'Ford'

Beautiful and tasy red-skinned fibreless mango. It is a selected seedling of Tommy Atkins. Fruits are large-sized and ripen well in the Canary Islands and other Mediterranean cimates with dry summers. 

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The variety Ford

Beautiful and tasy red-skinned fibreless mango. Fruits are large-sized, up to 1 kg each. It is a selected seedling of Tommy Atkins. It never became popular in its home country, Florida, because of a "high tendency of the fruit to split open while still on the tree". But this is true only for the conspicuous summer rains of Southern Florida. In turn, fruits ripen very well in the Canary Islands and other Mediterranean cimates with dry summers.

The Mango tree in general

Mangifera indica is an evergreen tree native to India and Southeast Asia, where it has been cultivated for thousands of years. There are hundreds or thousands of varieties with different shapes, sizes, colours and flavours. Mango trees adjust their size to the growing conditions and will reach 5-25 m (15-80 ft). They are pruned low in commercial fields. Young new leaves are usually colourful, orange-pink, changing to a glossy red or copper colour. Later they darken and become leathery and green. Mangifera indica produces one of the most popular fruits of the world: firm, sweet and very aromatic, with a distinctive resinous sweet smell. They contain one large, flat, fibrous seed. The peak season is summer and autumn. Eaten fresh or used in drinks, desserts, fruit salads and salsas. Asian cusine has "1000" uses for mangoes. Even green mangoes are eaten raw as fresh appetizers with salt and lemon juice.

Buy a small mango tree in our shop

Here in Canarius we offer a grafted potted plant, grown in peatmoss or coconut fiber. The graft will have at least one flush of leaves hardened, but most probably two or three.

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The rootstock used for grafting is a seedling of mango Gomera-1. This is commonly used as a rootstock  throughout the Canary Islands, because of their ease of growth and root hardiness to cold wet winters and drought.

Click HERE and learn more about our mango trees: Plant Size, Resistance to Cold, List of Varieties in Stock...

Cultivation Protected
Plant origin Asia
Presentation Potted Plant
Botanical family Anacardiaceae
Plant type Woody
Care Pot
Shape Trees