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Mangifera 'Gomera 3' - Hardy Canarian Mango

Another hardy strain of mango trees, widespread in the Canary Islands and often used as a rootstock for its hardiness. The fruit is oblong, yellow-orange.

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Gomera 1 is a traditional Canarian strain of vigorous mango trees, producing yellow-orange oblong fruits of small-medium size, with fibres presence and very strong aroma.

This mango is hardier than most mango cultivars to drought, wind and cold. The leaves are dark green, stiff, leathery and arching. New young leaves are glossy dark red.

The ripe fruit is yellow-orange, with a remarkable resinous scent and very sweet perfume. Taste is intense. It surely is one of the best flavours in Mangifera mango.

The average weight is 280 g. The crop season in the Canary Islands is August to December.

Seedlings of mango Gomera are commony used as a rootstock for grafting throughout the islands, because of their ease of growth and hardiness. "Gomera 3" is a polyembrionic mango.

Cultivation Protected
Plant origin Europe
Presentation Potted Plant
Botanical family Anacardiaceae
Minimum winter temperature 5 ºC to 10 ºC
Plant type Woody
Care Pot
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