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Fruit, Herbs & Medicinal plants are focused on getting a better health. In this section, each type of plant produce healthy effects, both fruit trees (Feijoa, Pineapple, Fina de Jete...) and plants for health, such as Graviola, Aloe vera, Callisia fragrans...

In the normal metabolism of all living beings, the organism produces some substances from nutrients latent in the environment; some of these chemicals are part of the process in all (or almost) sort of species. Normally, the useful compounds are concentrated in some of its parts: leaves, seeds, flowers...

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  • Tropical Fruit Plants

    The Canary Islands are a paradise for exotic fruits and we offer the largest selection in Europe of tropical fruit trees. Canarius ships many cultivars of mango, papaya, lychee and sugar cane; and also the more uncommon species such as carambola, longan, noni and the real cacao tree. Only the best varieties are propagated and grafted onto stronger rootstocks. Tropical fruit trees do better in warm areas but many will also thrive in mediterranean climates, where mango, avocado and lychee can survive light frosts and fruit regularly.

  • Temperate Fruits
    Temperate fruit plants grow well in areas with winter frost, and many of them do need frost in order to grow properly. The most popular trees are apples, pears or peaches, but some are quite uncommon and exotic. Many low-growing shrubs produce healthy berries, like blackcurrants or blueberries.
  • Plants for Health

    In this section we gathered those plants that are said to have a positive effect on health. These species belong to different plant families and different areas of the world. The diversity of human culture has learnt to live with the diversity of plants and some species became therapeutical or medicinal. Some, like Aloe vera grow in sunny and dry conditions and can live in a small pot. Some others will become large trees and need space and time to grow. Remember to be careful, not all these plants are edible, some are toxic if eaten or applied to the skin.

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