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This is our selection of plants that can live in your home, as "indoor plants". These hard-to-find species are all very different but they can all be grown in your home. Some can take very low light and some others might need to receive some sun from a window. Palms, bromeliads, cordylines and aspidistras should never dry out. On the other hand, Sansevierias, Hoyas and Rhipsalis need less water and can even take drought.

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    One of the best vrieseas, able to grow in cooler conditions and to take short frosts.

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  • This small tolerant species grows in shady semi-evergreen forests to pine-oak forests in Veractuz, Mexico. It is hardy to drought and occasional mild frosts. It will grow easily outdoors in the coastal Mediterranean, better if protected under tree canopy. It also thrives as an indoor plant. All our plants in this batch are starting to cone, now or soon.

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  • This aroid from semi-dry areas is named so because of the similarity with some cycads in the genus Zamia. It is native to E - SE Africa, that resists to many different conditions. Its showy glossy leaves are produced from a stout underground, succulent rhizome. It is very easy to grow, and the unusual flowers are a nice addition.It is normally evergreen,...

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  • Black leaved cultivar of the now-popular Zamioculcas: an unusual cycad-looking aroid from South Africa. The green type of this species was considered rare until the 1990's when it was mass-propagated to be grown as a houseplant.

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Showing 121 - 124 of 124 items
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