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Cycads are a group of primitive plants, similar in shape to palms and ferns. They are gymnosperms, in the order Cycadales, so they do not produce flowers, but they do grow cones, like pines and other conifers. They are found across much of the warmer parts of the world and they are often endangered and restricted to inaccessible areas. Some grow in cold mountainous areas and tolerate frost and snow.

Most Cycad species perform well in the garden and make excellent potted plants. Some have become popular ornamentals, while others are very rare and are protected by law as CITES species. Our cycads are established plants grown from seed, two or more years old, grown in tall pots. All plants are legally produced. We offer the largest selection in Europe of the genus Cycas, with many new cold-hardy chinese species. Visit the cycad section in our blog and learn why our cycads have an excellent quality.

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  • Caribbean cycad with elgant leaves with regularly spaced glossy leaflets. It grows in harsh areas and it is easy to grow in full sun. We offer a three years old plant.

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  • This small tolerant species grows in shady semi-evergreen forests to pine-oak forests in Veractuz, Mexico. It is hardy to drought and occasional mild frosts. It will grow easily outdoors in the coastal Mediterranean, better if protected under tree canopy. It also thrives as an indoor plant. All our plants in this batch are starting to cone, now or soon.

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