Cyphostemma juttae

Beautiful caudex plant from dry summer-rainfall areas of South Africa. Leaves are incredibly exotic and showy: wide, arching and glaucous.

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This species builds a caudex which is more than spectacular as it can grow to anything from football-sized to above 2 m in height and almost 1 in diameter. It belongs to the grape family and it actually bears red unedible grapes in late summer. Cyphostemma juttae is rather easy to grow, in full sun. It is from dry summer-rainfall areas of South Africa and it can be kept bone-dry in the cooler months. Nevertheless it is very hard to kill even if watered during its resting season, Leaves are incredibly exotic and showy: wide, arching and glaucous. It is hardier than expected as it has shown some tolerance to cold and short-light frost. This species can be wintered outside in the warmer Mediterranean coastal areas. -4C is said to be its limit.

Our plants are 3-4 years old from seed, the caudex is roughly 20 cm tall, 5-5,5 cm in diameter.

Pictures from Wikimedia Commons:
By Akos Kokai - Cyphostemma juttae, CC BY 2.0,
By Kurt Stüber [1] - part of, CC BY-SA 3.0,
Cultivation Protected
Plant origin Asia
Presentation Bare root
Botanical family Crassulaceae
Light Sun
Plant type Herbaceous
Care Pot
Shape Succulents
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