Breynia disticha 'Roseo-picta'

This variegated clone is a rainbow of colourful foliage: white sprays on green, red and pink leaves. Perfect for pots and patios.

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Exotic looking small shrub, with ornamental foliage with shades of green and pink. This is the variegated clone: a rainbow of colourful foliage: white sprays on  green, red and pink leaves.

Breynia disticha is  native to Vanuatu and New Caledonia. It grows in bright light and can be even grow indoors as a house plant. It is perfect for pots and patios.

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We ship a robust, sun-grown plant, cultivated in a 16-20 cm pot, of variable height of 40-70 cm. This is a fast growing species and it is produced once or twice a year so the specimens can be 40-90 cm tall. We will always try to select a compact robust plant for you. In most cases we will prune the plant before shipping. This is because some plants are too tall to fit in the box and also because the upper branches are too tender, so pruning will be helpful during the transit. It will surely grow back soon because it is a fast growing plant, commonly pruned in gardens. Depending on the season, this plant can be sent bare-rooted, with the roots wrapped in moist sphagnum or perlite. Be prepared to plant it in a pot of at least 16 cm, filled with good garden soil and place it in full sun, at 14-26 C. We ship worldwide.

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Cultivation Protected
Plant origin Oceania
Presentation Bare root
Max. Size 100cm-120cm
Botanical family Phyllanthaceae
Light Medium
Minimum winter temperature 5 ºC to 10 ºC
Plant type Woody
Care Pot
Shape Shrubs
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