Aspidistra elatior 'Asa Ahi'

Hard-to-find Japanese selection of "variegated" Aspidistra. It is not striped: each leaf develops a cream white "shade" in the upper part of the blade. Aspidistras make excellent pot plants for shade. They can live indoors or outdoors as they can take real frost.

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An unusual plant

This is a hard-to-find Japanese selection of "variegated" Aspidistra. Asa Ahí is not striped, but each leaf will develop a cream white "shade" in the upper part of the blade. Hardy as usual !

Cultivation of Aspidistra Asa Ahí

Aspidistra Asa Ahí will develop the best variegation of in shade. Patience is needed: new leaves take up to two years to develop the white tip colour! Sunlight will give an overall cream tome to the whole leaf. It grows well in lots of conditions as it is resistant to drought, deep shade, salt, wind, frost. Aspidistra works well in floral display as cut leaves are long lasting. Aspidistras make excellent pot plants, they can live indoors in the house or outdoors. They give an exotic accent to any garden, because of their wide, lush leaves. In the tropical-looking garden, it can act as groundcover, backfilling, or as a potted plant.

What do we ship?

We ship a bare rooted block of rhizomes with roots and leaves. You can pot it in a 15-17 cm pot. Pay Attention: In some seasons of the year, we might trim back part of the foliage. Don't be scared! The plant will grow back quickly and fill the pot in a few months. Also, sometimes our plant will not show the typical white shade, because we grow them in high light in order to produce stronger, denser rhizomes. Don't worry ! All leaves will become typically variegated.

Cultivation Protected
Plant origin Asia
Presentation Bare root
Botanical family Asparagaceae
Light Shade
Minimum winter temperature -20 ºC to -10 ºC
Plant type Herbaceous
Color White
Color Green
Care Pot
Care Indoor plants
Care Low-maintenance
Shape Perennials
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