Anthurium crassinervium

This "birdnest Anthurium" with glossy, wide and ruffled leaves can slowly grow to enormous proportions. As a house plant it is usually smaller.

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This "birdnest Anthurium" can slowly grow to enormous proportions. Leaves are very ornamental: glossy, wide and ruffled. Anthurium crassinervium is native to Northern South America and some island of the Caribbean. It can be grown in pots or mounted as an epiphyte and it can live as an indoor plant too. House plants are usually smaller and will often stay below 1 m tall.  Older plants will make a showy trunk, coated by exotic white aerial roots.

Pictures from Wikimedia commons:
By Drew Avery -, CC BY 2.0,
By Daderot - Own work, CC0,

Cultivation Protected
Plant origin America
Presentation Potted Plant
Max. Size 100cm-150cm
Botanical family Araceae
Light Medium
Minimum winter temperature 5 ºC to 10 ºC
Plant type Woody
Color Green
Color Violet
Shape Perennials