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Not all palms are tropical trees. Some species come from subtropical areas and are able to take some cold weather. All these species are pinnate (feather-leaved) palms, they can grow wherever frost is uncommon and can be tried outdoors in Mediterranean climates. Here we propose some species like: Chamaedorea klotschiana, Allagoptera caudescens, Rhopalostylis baueri or Archontophoenix tuckeri.


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    This palm has quite unique leaves because segments are grouped, so each leaf has its own "rhythm". It is a small-sized uncommon palm from Central America. It has a solitary bamboo-like stem. It is very cool-tolerant and grows perfectly in the shade in the coastal mediterranean.

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    h = 50-80 cm - 5 years. Exotic hardy palm from cold, humid areas of Norfolk Island, close to Australia and New Zealand. It combines resistance to frost with the exotic beauty of most palms from the tropical Pacific: smooth ringed trunks, bright crownshafts, and soft, spineless feathery leaves. Seeds were collected from the plant in the picture.

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    Elegant palm from Brazil. Leaves, are pinnate, with "clustered segments", silvery white underneath. It is slow but the beauty of the leaves starts soon! Flowers and fruits are produced on a large hanging spikes. It has some tolerance to cold, it takes short light frosts and can be tried outdoors in the coastal Mediterranean. It was formerly named...

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    Uncommon Archontophoenix species from Northern Australia. Leaves are silver underneath, somewhat pendulous or drooping. It is suited to coastal Mediterranean condition and it takes cool weather and short, light frosts.

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