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Pack - Small Hardy Bromeliads

Bromeliads are small plants with extraordinary beauty, easy to raise. They generally use to grow above unstable situations (branches or stones). That’s why they get used to potted plant so quick. There are around 3.000 species of Bromeliads. Most of them are tropical. However, there are some plants that come from clod places. On Canarius, we offer some species with a small size and very rustic.


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Pack - Small Hardy Bromeliads - Pack content

  • 1 x
    1 x

    Grey leaved Tillandsia from Argentina with beautiful flowers. As a true airplant, it can be grown epiphytically, even hanging on a wire. It takes some frost and thrives in non-tropical climates. We offer one adult unbranched rosette.

    8,40 €
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    1 x

    Airplant from cool areas in South America, experiencing frosts. This grey leaved Tillandsia branches prolifically and grow downwards, forming a cascade of fine grey leaves. It can be grown epiphytically, even hanging from a wire. We offer a branched plant

    8,40 €
  • 1 x
    1 x

    Fast growing mat-forming bromeliad. Small rosettes of pale green leaves produce bright spikes of pink and purple flowers, in the colder winter months. It can take low temperatures with little or no damage at -7 C (20 F) for several hours.

    3,90 €
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    Frost-hardy Aechmea with blue-tipped green leaves, from the outskirts of a city named Blumenau, in the cool, wet South of Brazil. Spikes of yellow flowers are followed by colourful fruits, lasting months. It can take -7 C (20 F). This is the TRUE blumenavii, not the many mislabelled specimens in the trade.

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