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Sale Pack - Choicy Hardy Bromeliads View larger

Pack - Choicy Hardy Bromeliads

Bromeliads are ornamental plants of tropical origin. Few species are cold-hardy, even freeze, as Bromeliads.

Due to they are uncommon and very cold-hardy, on we propose Bromeliads as: Deuterocohnia chlorantha, Aechmea blumenavii, Hechtia tillandsioides or Billbergia sp. Succulent.


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Pack - Choicy Hardy Bromeliads - Pack content

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    Unusually succulent pink-blooming Billbergia, hardy to light frost. It is polymorphic and grows from a juvenile through three stages: 1. short-leaved compact succulent rosette, 2 tall, thin leaves, 3 a typical tube billbergia.

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    NEW ! -  Clump of 6-1 heads - Small, terrestrial, cushion-forming plant species. It is probably one of the cold hardiest of the bromeliads.

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    Frost-hardy Aechmea with blue-tipped green leaves, from the outskirts of a city named Blumenau, in the cool, wet South of Brazil. Spikes of yellow flowers are followed by colourful fruits, lasting months. It can take -7 C (20 F). This is the TRUE blumenavii, not the many mislabelled specimens in the trade.

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