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    Bromeliads are ornamental plants of tropical origin. Few species are cold-hardy, even freeze, as Bromeliads. Due to they are uncommon and very cold-hardy, on we propose Bromeliads as: Deuterocohnia chlorantha, Aechmea blumenavii, Hechtia tillandsioides or Billbergia sp. Succulent.

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    Choicy Hardy Perennials are small plants (sometimes very different among them) with a foliage very showy and green that present a great variety of resources to survive a long time. Some clear examples of this plant category are: Agave Americana medio-picta, Aspidistra asahi, Aechmea blumenavii or Pleioblastus Pygmaeus.

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    We are specialists in exotic tropical fruit trees, but we also grow and offer some fruit trees which are not tropical at all and can take frost. For example: Almonds tree, Persimmons and also some Canarian cultivars of Fig Trees are perfectly suited for Mediterranean to Temperate climates.

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    Bromeliads are small plants with extraordinary beauty, easy to raise. They generally use to grow above unstable situations (branches or stones). That’s why they get used to potted plant so quick. There are around 3.000 species of Bromeliads. Most of them are tropical. However, there are some plants that come from clod places. On Canarius, we offer some...

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  • There is a great variety of fruit trees depending on the weather where they grow or the sort of fruit that they produce. Subtropical fruit trees are the most exotic (raise in cold areas). On, we count on some examples of subtropical fruit trees as well-known banana Orinoco or Topocho, Spanish variety of Japanese or Chinese plum, Custard...

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    In general, fruit trees produce fruit as foodstuff for people. Some of them produce fruits considered “superfood”, singular pieces that are especially beneficial for health, they have more vitamins and useful compounds. Superfood is a recent term used to name any food which is very rich in nutrients for health.

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