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Apiculture in the Canary Islands is a traditional activity from where we obtain unique and unbeatable honeys. Some of them are produced with endemic flowers from Tenerife, in close proximity to unpolluted protected areas.

There are more than 10 kinds of honeys harvested in Tenerife. On we have got some of these Canarian honeys.


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    Palm Honey or Palm Syrup is an edible sweet syrup produced produced in the Canary Islands from the sap of the native palm tree, by tapping the tree in a sustainable way. It is thinner and darker than bee-honey. Bo th are natural sweeteners, but there is a big difference in taste and content. Try it on Desserts, Fresh Cheese, Liqueurs, or Sweetener for Tea.

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    Honey with great personality, usually fluid. Color is brown, dark to very dark, with greenish hues, ≥ 90 mm in the Pfund scale. and has a very intense aroma and flavor, with hints of wood and resin, and marked bitter notes. Its strong flavours makes it perfect for meat Ooften produced in Summer. Certified glass jar, net weight = 485 g

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    Agave bee honey in Tenerife is produced in different sloping dry and sloping areas of the island where Agave americana blooms.This honey has an intense, pungent aroma aroma. Its amber colour varies a lot from yellow to brown, and also the  degree of crystallization, depending on the other plants that a e blooming simultaneously

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