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Cordyline 'Miss Andrea' Vergrößern

Cordyline 'Miss Andrea'

One of the best-looking modern cordylines! There are just too many colours in its leaves. Cream and chocolate stripes are intermingled with about anything between pink green and blue. 'Miss Andrea' also has a compact growth habit and it rarely exceeds 1 m in height as it branches from below, forming a round mass of tidy rosettes.

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About the exotic Cordylines

Cordyline fruticosa is a marvelous foliage plant originating in the Pacific Islands. It adaptable to bright shade can grow indoors as a house plant.

Our garden selections will also be perfect in the tropical or subtropical garden. They can take cool temperatures but will be damaged or killed by frost. These "outdoor cultivars" bear leathery leaves and grow thick tuberous roots underground.

If you grow plants in full sun, you will obtain larger, robust specimens with thicker leaves. These plants will be much hardier to drought, wind and cold than plants grown in the shade.

After a few years, pot-grown Cordylines can start to become tall and leggy. If so, they can be kept low by pruning or air layering the shoots that become too tall. They will sprout new shoots from the base or from the cut.

The plant we offer is 20-40 cm tall and it is about 1 year old from cutting. It is grown in a pot of about 10-12 cm.

Anbau Innenanbau
Herkunft der Arten Oceanien
Präsentation Eingetopft in Erde Mischung
Maximale Größe 70cm-200cm
Botanische Familie Asparagaceae
Lichtbedürfnis Durchschnittliches Licht
Mindesttemperatur im Winter 5 ºC bis 15 ºC
Pflanzentyp krautartig
Pflegebedürfnis Blumentopf
Wuchsform Perennierend