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Sale! Pack - Choicy Hardy Perennials Vergrößern

Pack - Choicy Hardy Perennials

Choicy Hardy Perennials are small plants (sometimes very different among them) with a foliage very showy and green that present a great variety of resources to survive a long time. Some clear examples of this plant category are: Agave Americana medio-picta, Aspidistra asahi, Aechmea blumenavii or Pleioblastus Pygmaeus.


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Pack - Choicy Hardy Perennials - Packungsinhalt

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    20-25 cm diameter. A Classic of all-times. This is a spectacular clone of Agave americana, the frost-hardy succulent widely grown in Mediterranean and Warm Temperate climates.

    14,50 €
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    Pygmy bamboo is one of the smallest bamboos, and its leaves are also very small. It will quickly form a very nice carpet in the garden. It is one of the best of the dwarf bamboos for use as a bonsai. This species is similar to Pleioblastus distichus, but its leaves do not display the fern-like leaf grouping.

    16,80 €
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    Frost-hardy Aechmea with blue-tipped green leaves, from the outskirts of a city named Blumenau, in the cool, wet South of Brazil. Spikes of yellow flowers are followed by colourful fruits, lasting months. It can take -7 C (20 F). This is the TRUE blumenavii, not the many mislabelled specimens in the trade.

    9,50 € 17,00 €
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    Hard-to-find Japanese selection of "variegated" Aspidistra. It is not striped: each leaf develops a cream white "shade" in the upper part of the blade. Aspidistras make excellent pot plants for shade. They can live indoors or outdoors as they can take real frost.

    21,80 €